How off-line retailers can fight back with appropriate marketing strategies

July 19, 2017

For retailers, the era of the online marketplace brings previously unimaginable opportunity and risk: on one hand, the universe of customers has expanded exponentially, and with it the amount of information available on individuals’ buying patterns. The risk so far has fallen disproportionately on retailers who lack on online presence, as the e-commerce share of US retail nearly doubled in the past five years. New research to be published in the September 2017 issue of the Journal of Retailing shows that savvy offline retailers can use data gleaned from online retail to boost their own sales.

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7 Content Ideas to Boost Email Marketing Engagement

July 12, 2017

Email marketing provides rewards for both a business and a subscriber. It presents a company with an opportunity to send multiple businesses messages, whilst providing a relevant, helpful email to aid a shopping experience.

However, many businesses may struggle to alter their email content month after month, which could prevent them from retaining their subscriber list. To help you turn subscribers into customers with each email, we’re offering 7 content ideas to boost your email marketing engagement.

  1. Company Updates

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Alternative Ways to Profit from Real Estate

June 29, 2017

The real estate market is growing at a steady rate, signaling a strong comeback after the 2008 crash. Investors are already entering the market and taking advantage of the wealth of opportunities. Thanks to the current property prices, there are plenty of chances to bank a high return on investment (ROI) in the property market.

Of course, buying a property and aiming for a capital gain over a longer period of time is not the only way to invest in real estate and turn a profit. That is why, in this article, we are going to take a closer look at the alternative ways to bank profits from the real estate market. Let’s get started, shall we?

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How professional services can thrive in the digital age

June 27, 2017

The digital marketplace has changed the way we purchase goods and services, and conduct business from the ground up. While many professions, such as technology services and marketing agencies have naturally adapted to the shifting landscape, a globalized, streamlined form of media is challenging for professionals and tradespeople with a small, local customer base with no particular reliance on digital technology, such as plumbers, gardeners and builders. With traditional forms of media advertising failing to reach an adequate audience, these professionals are faced with the need to modernize their marketing and customer reach or risk obsolescence.

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Customer Relationship Management Systems: Why Every Business Needs One

June 15, 2017

Many business owners understand that their customers are the most valuable assets in their business. However, many of them are still using traditional methods of collecting and storing customer data. Excel spreadsheets have been used over the years to record clients’ contact information. The challenge with spreadsheets is that an organization can lose all the stored data with just one click, and third parties can also access the confidential information recorded in spreadsheets.

Some business owners store clients’ business cards in addition to the spreadsheets. Communicating with clients when their contact details are stored in a pile of business cards or an outdated spreadsheet is difficult. The most efficient way to keep and share client data is through a customer relationship management system.

What is a Customer Relationship Management System?

A customer relationship management (CRM) system enables businesses to record all information and interactions with their clients and prospects in a centralized database. Sales managers can track all the interactions between sales personnel and clients and prospects. With a CRM system, a business can categorize all its contacts and update categories as leads convert to repeat customers. The system enables staff members to record all contact information, including the phone number, email address, name, or any other identifying information.

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4 Reasons Everybody Should Consider Investing in American Agriculture Business

June 6, 2017

What comes to mind when investments are mentioned? Most people immediately begin to think about stocks, bonds, and real estate. This is predictable because most income earners invest their savings in these three conventional ways, but do you know you that you can earn high returns from investing in agriculture? Agriculture offers a conservative way of growing your money and earning consistent returns. You just need to buy quality agricultural land and use the right farming techniques for your region. The good thing about investing in agriculture is that you earn from the produce and the land. Here are more reasons why you should invest in agriculture in America.

1. Ever-Increasing Demand

The demand for food, energy, and fiber is increasing in the US and across the world. The growing population in developing countries pushes the demand for food higher every year. The demand for agricultural products does not decline significantly with inflation or economic challenges. In fact, experts in agriculture investments such as Crawford Park Farming AG will tell you that investing in the field is a hedge against inflation. You will make money from agricultural land and produce even when prices of commodities go up.

2. Impact on the National Economy

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Website Design Mistakes that Ruin Your Business

June 5, 2017

Thanks to tools like WordPress, anyone can design a simple website for their business. For a small business owner, this is a tempting proposition. After all, what is the point in paying a website designer hundreds or thousands of dollars to create a website when you can do it yourself?

The problem is, even though there is a wealth of information online about how the internet can help your body shop achieve a prominent position in the SERPS, website design is not as straightforward as you might think.

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4 Ways Law Firms are Using Online Marketing to Their Advantage

June 2, 2017

Any business that isn’t utilizing an online marketing strategy is undoubtedly missing out on a sizable chunk of business, as well as countless opportunities for expansion. Law firms have historically been aggressive at marketing because building a robust portfolio and resume is an extremely important way to sway clients in their favor. It seems as though every major firm has a well-designed site and a marketing team to take care of lead generation on a full-time basis. Even smaller firms are investing considerable budgets into enhancing their online presence and increasing outreach. With that said, here are four ways in particular that law firms are using online marketing to reach their full potential.

1. Targeting a Specific Audience

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How to Conduct Business More Effectively Online

May 29, 2017

Are you struggling to succeed with your online business? Every company should have some kind of online presence, but many business owners and business decision makers are slow to embrace the latest internet technologies, or they are confused about how to make the most of these latest developments. Below are some of the ways you can start conducting business more effectively online.

Get the Technical Aspects of Your Online Business Right

The technical aspect of doing business online frightens away many business professionals. However, if you can overcome the technical obstacles that exist, carrying out your business affairs online is very similar to the way you would work offline in a brick and mortar company.

An example of a technical area of your online business that you need to get right is website hosting. The hosting you use should be provided by a reliable, professional hosting company like the provider found at Once you are comfortable with the technicalities involved, you can start to focus on building your business and reaching out to other people.


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Is Ad Blocking Harming Company’s Advertising Plans?

May 19, 2017

Marketing professionals put a lot of time, research, and energy coming up with the perfect advertising plan that will reach the consumer/client in all of the top ways. So what happens when consumers are quick to employ ad-blocking? How much of an impact does ad blocking have on a company’s advertising efforts? Is it harming them?

Ad Blocking is Nothing New

It seems as though ad blocking is being talked about by pretty much everyone in the industry at the moment, but in fact, it’s nothing new. Ad blocking software tools have actually been around for a few years now. They are found on all the top web browsers and have varying degrees of blocking power.

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