Botox Approved to Treat Chronic Migraines

October 16, 2010


One Response to “Botox Approved to Treat Chronic Migraines”

  1. Kay Woodward on October 16th, 2010 10:18 am

    I have used botox for a long time off and on and I never get headaches . I think it is a great product , just wish it’s effects would last a little longer . At best a Patient will need to get followups every 4 mos. I checked last week and my Dr is offering for 12.00 per unit .. I typically take a minimum of 24 units. and have gone up to 62 units before . So it can get expensive but I love the effects and for people paying 35.00 a pop for a migraine pill it could be well worth a try . Besides they will get the cosmetic effects to go along with help for their Migraines! GO FOR IT!!! I also reccommend anyone remove heavy metals and toxins form their body which could be an underlying cause to many health problems . I am a CANCER Patient/SURVIVOR 2 YRS NOW . I was stage 3 with lymphatic involvement so it was not good. I did alot of research while going through Chemo and found this info about Heavy metals ,toxins and chemicals in the water we drink , food we eat and air that we breath , pesticides etc… I got on Liquid ZEOLITE BY WAIORA HTTP:// there are three clicks and the 3rd takes one to a 3rd party site where testing NATURAL CELLULAR DEFENSE was shown to be the only product proven effective and effective!!! I was on it and ordered my 1st 3 bottles after chemotherapy took 10 drops 3x day for 1st month… after 3-5 drops 3x day and have been doing so for 2 yrs now . I have to say how amazed my DRS were at how fast I healed and how fast how i came out of CHEMO BRAIN!!! I have so much energy and require less sleep because I do not have the BOG DOWN in my system . I am a SR. Flight Attendant for a major Airline and other Jr F/A’S are amazed that I can fly the hours I do double schedule all the time and NOT BE TIRED. OR JETLAGGED. I know the NCD works and is such an amazing little product I just want to share it with the World! We even had a man with stage 4 Cancer who got on NCD 1 month before going to MD Anderson in Houston and by the time he got there , test were rerun only to discover 90% of his Cancer was GONE!!!! Today he is Cancer FREE ! His name is Rodney Lay and he is a musician in Nashville. there are many hundreds and hundreds of testimonials like this so I hope anyone reading this will check out above website and then go to this website for more info and even choose to join as a member to buy your product wholesale like I do GIVE it a chance 3 bottles 1st month and see the difference it can make in your life like it did mine . This is for young people , pets, anyone… I lost my 21 yr old son to terminal lung cancer 6 yrs ago and had this product came out when he was sick I truly believe he would still be alive today… Give yourself and your loved ones a chance at a healthier and more productive LIFE!!! Thx Kay …feel free to email me with any questions or further directions and other sites I can direct you to for other great products I know about. LIKE Chava vital Chocolate with over 37000 ORAC VALUE!!! Never thought I could eat Chocolate with over 37000 orac value beating Acai berry 4 times over plus get the organic 705 CACAO VALUE AND 663 FLAVANOIDS ….PLUS EACH PIECE HAS 5 DROPS OF Natural Cellular Defense in each piece!!! Amazing discovery! my other email is I would love to help anyone I can feel better in life by getting healthier!!! Thank you for reading, Kay <3

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