Jurassic Sea Beast Fossil Found: Bigger Bite Than T-Rex!

March 17, 2009

(ChattahBox)– The fossil of a gigantic sea creature recently found in the Norwegian Arctic archipelago of Svalbard has the paleontology community buzzing. With 20,000 fragments of skeleton and a partial skull to work from, researchers have partially reconstructed this sea monster. Scientists named this Jurassic era sea beast, Predator-X. At 50 feet long, with a 10 foot skull, and teeth a foot long, the bite of Predator-X is four times more powerful that T-Rex. After reconstructing the pliosaur reptile’s head, scientists estimated its bite as 33,000 lbs per square inch, one of the largest bite forces ever recorded. Compared to the bite forces of Florida alligators, the Predator-X came in as 10 times more powerful.

Scientists believe this ancient pliosaur with its gigantic choppers is a 147 million years old heavyweight predator at the top of the food chain in it’s time. Predator-X was also big on brawn and short on brains. X-Rays of the sea beast’s skull revealed a tiny thin brain similar to a great white shark. Predator-X is believed to have fed on ocean squid and other reptiles. Despite its massive size, Predator-X was extremely fast as it cruised in for a kill with its four-gigantic flippers.

The Natural History Museum of Oslo University will continue to study this ancient sea predator and get on with the tedious task pasting together the thousands of bone fragments discovered in the Artic.


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