Hunger in America: Half of Our Kids on Food Stamps

November 3, 2009


17 Responses to “Hunger in America: Half of Our Kids on Food Stamps”

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  2. John Roberts on November 3rd, 2009 8:47 pm

    What can be bought with food stamps needs to be restricted. If I stop at a convienence store after work on the way home and I stand in line and watch others check out, I see: They buy candy, cokes, ice cream, and chips with their food stamps – then they have the cash to buy beer, cigarettes, and lottery tickets. I buy their snaks for them and they have money for vices. Plus they are all fat and have tatoos and gold all over them. I have a hard time thinking they really need my help. If they are really hungry we should buy them hamburger meat and milk and flour and beans and rice and potatos – not candy, cokes, ice cream and chips.

  3. Faces Of Hunger on November 4th, 2009 2:21 pm

    The problem of hunger in America is really much more pervasive than it seems, even in our richest neighborhoods, food pantries and food stamps race to catch up with the tens of millions that are affected. We ran a film contest to filmmakers under 25 years of age to make a film about Hunger In America and we got some really beautiful entries by young filmmakers. Voting opens Nov 6 and ends Dec 4, Please come and check out these short films and vote on your favorite. is hosting our entries @

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