Distraught Teabagger Thinks He Prayed Sen Inhofe to Death, He Meant to Kill Sen Byrd

December 23, 2009


3 Responses to “Distraught Teabagger Thinks He Prayed Sen Inhofe to Death, He Meant to Kill Sen Byrd”

  1. Rev. Maralee Koval on December 23rd, 2009 8:22 pm

    As a minister I am greatly offended by the rabid right’s abuse of the Christian message. I cannot envision Christ exhorting the Apostles to pray for a man to die just to accomplish a political objective. What I can see, all too clearly, is Christ weeping over His message of peace, love and brotherheood being hijacked by Satan and twisted into an unrecognizable mess.

    As a registered nurse I am heartbroken at the number of patients who must run the obstacle course that comprises health care in modern day America. I have studied healthcare systems around the world and am appalled at the state of ours as compared to theirs. The United States currently ranks dead last among industrialized nations in the quality of healthcare for our citizens. We are outranked by Slovenia, Hungary and Poland, to name a few. 28 countries take better care of their citizens than the USA.

    These ‘tea baggers’ have put their minds into the teapot and slammed down the lid lest any facts confuse their attempts to sideline healthcare. I notice everyone of the protesters currently has either Medicare (a government run healthcare plan) or a major insurance plan thru their employer. They fail to realize 1 in 5 of their brothers and sisters (in Christ) lacks healthcare coverage.

    They also don’t realize if they themselves become ill from a major – or even minor – disease (cancer, MRSA, broken leg etc) and their bill starts climbing they could be facing bankruptcy when their insurance fails to cover them or their co-pay of 20% – or more – starts to soar into, say, 10x their annual salary. ( a trick clause, since most plans cover 80% of ‘reasonable and customary’ leaving the patient to pick up the rest of the bill, often as much as 60% of the total! Why do you think the hospitals make you sign that document before they treat?) They most likely don’t realize they are protesting in support of insurers who have rigged plans every which way but loose to ensnare patients into picking up large parts of the tab.

    Take the newer trick about ‘observation’ status when you’re [sort of] admitted to the hospital. The ‘hospitalist’ (neat title, isn’t it? Sounds impressive, but that’s so patients won’t reaize these docs are usually GPs, family practice and internal medicine doctors with NO board certification in disease processes of any kind, and whose loyalty is NOT to the patient but to the HOSPITAL. ) will tell you you need to stay overnight. They admit you to CDU (clinical decision unit) where you sleep in the hospital, but YOU are paying for it – NOT your insurance company!

    Until the doc change that status to ‘admit to hospital’ you’re technically an ‘outpatient’ and NOT covered by your insurance plan. Often this detail is omitted and patients are hit with a bill for 3, 4 or 10 days of care! [ Challenge this if it happens you as 'observation' should not exceed 23 hrs 59 min.]

    Somehow, sometime in the past 50 years American Christians have lost complete sight of the true meaning of Christianity. St. Paul wrote ‘You wil know they are Christians by their great love.”. Transversely, you will know they are NOT Christians by the hate they spew. I am sick at heart hearing supposed Christians saying things like ‘well we love everyone BUT….’. True Christians don’t have words like ‘But’, ‘therefore’, ‘except and other qualifiers foreshortening their love for others, (those words mean, in effect, “ignore everything that came before this word: here’s what I REALLY mean to say.”).

    Here are some classic examples of this doublespeak: “Well, we love all those sick people BUT we don’t think we should have to pay for their medical costs” the real statement comes after the ‘but’. Or perhaps it’s “I love everyone, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc, BUT I don’t think we need to go into debt taking care of their healthcare problems.”

    Sen. Lindsay Graham gave a perfect example of this yesterday. “We have 12% unemployement. 30% of our citizens are Black. We are on our knees! [BUT] this healthcare plan will run a billion dollars. That’s the same old stuff that I object to!”. [It seems Sen. Graham has a serious objection to healthcare for African Americans since he brings them up often as a reason to vote 'NO!' on healthcare reform. Maybe he wouldn't object to reform if he moved to, say, Montana and represented a more light-colored population?]

    I read in Acts how the early (truest) Christians “pooled all that they had so that none went without” and wonder if they would have objected to healthcare for all because it would have impacted their retirement accounts. I think about how everyone who objects to healthcare for all say precisely the same thing: “It’s terrible about all these people (1 million families per annum) going bankrupt and losing their homes and all they own due to lack of [comprehensive] healthcare, and it’s sad that 45,000 working Americans will DIE every year from lack of healthcare BUT I don’t want to pay [for the solution] .

    As a nurse I run into the problem day afer day: men and women who worked their entire lives for what they have and now face losing it ALL because of an illnes or even simple old age. We are the ONLY industrialized nation on earth whose citizens go to bed every night with the fear tomorrow they, too will join the ranks of those sad stories because of a car accident (my sister in law was hit by a teenaged under-insured motorist who had no assets and lost everything because of medical costs), a new diagnosis, or injury at work (sure, workers comp will cover your costs – eventually, after years of litigation, and ONLY those medical costs related to the accident. Your other medical costs are on YOU,.).

    I pray these misguided Christians who think praying diligently for someone to come to harm is acceptable will see the light and STOP this truly wicked behavior. Christ said repeatedly we should LOVE our enemies – nowhere do we find him exhorting us to pray they die.

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