Rogue Gen. McChrystal Under Fire for Trash-Talking Obama Admin. in Rolling Stone

June 22, 2010


2 Responses to “Rogue Gen. McChrystal Under Fire for Trash-Talking Obama Admin. in Rolling Stone”

  1. Nikos Retsos on June 22nd, 2010 11:00 am

    Actually, the view of General McChrystal and his sub-commanders just express their disgust of political bureaucrats trying to run the war details from Washington rooms -rather than allow those in the first line of the Afghan war to decide how to win it! General McChrystal may have broken the military hierarchy protocol “thou shall not badmouth your boss,” but he deserves credit for reducing the wanton killing of Afghan civilians by U.S. air-strikes that have fueled the Taliban insurgency. He doesn’t deserve the lynching that
    he is getting in the media.

    With the war casualties of the occupying forces in Afghanistan going up despite the U.S. surge, and with the Taliban becoming more effective as the war drags on, Obama’s subordinates see the U.S. defeat on the wall and prepare for the blame game of “who lost the war in Afghanistan” era ahead. And, no doubt, all of them will try to strike deals with publishers and make millions in their Afghanistan books. Therefore, now is the time for all of them to prepare the scripts so they can shine in the aftermath – rather than being the ones portrayed as the buffoons who lost the war. There are always two losers in every war: a) The Generals in the field, and b) The Politicians at the top who pull the strings of the Generals. And now that the U.S. defeat in Afghanistan is taking shape, the parties in both groups have started the blame game for the soul of the American public opinion, and for their book sales bonanza. Wars make many people rich, and it is not only Haliburton contractors.

    I agree with the opinion expressed by a McChrystal aide that National Security Adviser General Jones “is a clown.” It is easy for Jones and the Washington politicians to try to get credit for any success in the Afghan war from their posh offices in the capital, at the expense of the people in the first line of fire in Afghanistan. There is no doubt in my opinion that Obama’s staff is trying to micromanage the war from 13.000 miles away, and that attitude is certainly getting under the skin of the commanders in the field. And as the defeat of the U.S. in Afghanistan is getting closer, the dogfight among the principals of “who is to blame for losing the war” has blown a leak and is coming to surface – very much like the BP oil leak spill in the gulf. Nikos Retsos, retired professor

  2. Stanley McChrystal on June 23rd, 2010 4:48 am

    If you take the action of telling your personal opinions in public,then expect the consequences. I respect him for taking it to the public , but the Administrations serves the right to make him clarify what he is saying.
    President Obama’s top general in Afghanistan, Stanley McChrystal, is meeting with the president face to face after he made numerous remarks against the President, Vice President, and many others. To put it briefly the Rolling Stone published a piece from an interview where McChrystal was cited giving negative comments on his feelings towards the administration. He will not have the ability to purchase his way out of the trouble he’s going to be in, even with an installment loan. Even with his freedom of speech, I am certain that McChrystal will face some very severe punishments for choosing to express what he did. Well if our rights are being taken from us in simple forms like speech, what’s next?

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