Tea Party Leader Pens Racist Rant on NAACP Lazy Welfare ‘Coloreds’

July 15, 2010


13 Responses to “Tea Party Leader Pens Racist Rant on NAACP Lazy Welfare ‘Coloreds’”

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  2. majii on July 15th, 2010 7:20 pm

    And some of the “conservatives” keep wondering aloud why we African Americans don’t join their party. It’s because we recognize users and abusers, and we recognize a den of snakes that will turn on you on a dime. William exemplifies this very well.

  3. drew on July 15th, 2010 10:28 pm

    The Tea Party Express is a GOP backed group that has NOTHING to do with “the tea party movement” there is a great distinction there. It is a Sarah Palin / John Mccain abomination that does not represent the same views or ideals of the main tea party movment.

  4. jdude on July 15th, 2010 10:49 pm

    please, Farakahn, Wright, Jackson, and all the other “supposed” black leaders are the racists… The NAACP has decided that the “race card” keeps business booming.. Think about it, if racism was at a minimum, where it is, who’d need em? right? WIthout racism the NAACP would be obsolete and therefore not needed….

    Sorry, but the “modern NAACP”, not to be confused with the latter, is nothing but a political organization here to serve Obama, and the black panther organization…

    Blacks have every opportunity in this country as everyone else, in fact, with all the affirmative action shit out there, they probably have a better chance than even whitey! yet, all their supposed leaers teach only victamization and how the world owes them for everything….

    sad sad sad

  5. Frybread on July 15th, 2010 10:52 pm

    Incredible. Now where are the Sarah Palins and Michele Bauchmanns? Why aren’t they denouncing this guy?

  6. Joe on July 16th, 2010 3:06 am

    If the tea party guys said these things then that’s obviously inappropriate. But here’s my opinion about your idea that not raising taxes is a racist idea:

    Grow up. Know that the world is an unfair place. Keep trying to reach the next step up rather than complaining.

    I say this because I am a colored person, but your rhetoric does not represent me. I am Chinese, an Asian American. I came out of the inner city as many underpriveleged, we were very poor. I didn’t have other people of my culture in my class. My parents didn’t speak English hardly at all. So by your logic I must have no chance.

    2 Masters degrees and a successful career later, I feel blessed to be in this country. But this doesn’t mean things were fair. I dealt with affirmative action, where I couldn’t get student scholarships for my 4.0 GPA and 99th percentile test scores. I didn’t get accepted to many of the schools I applied, but I kept plugging away, kept trying. No one told me affirmative action didn’t apply to me, yet somehow it doesn’t dawn on your organization that you support a premise that punishes the upper end and defines “colored” (obviously not me). If anything this is inherently racist, as it clearly tells which races/sexes are allowed to participate.

    When I came out of school, I was 200K in debt due to the lack of this scholarship money (thanks affirmative action). I came out in the recession, jobs were scarce. Once again, I kept trying first — I grumbled about my misfortune, felt depressed, but kept going. Kept going meant 100+ hour weeks working towards that job, countless nights on friends’ couches or ratty motels on my dime. And finally, after 10-15 years of sacrifice, I am married, finally settling.

    You want to tax people like me more. My question is why. What did I do to deserve this? Who are you to judge me for what I have done or gone through? I worked my tail off to get here, sacrificed and put off having a family for the sake of trying to plan and provide for them. Now that I am finally catching up, you want a piece?

    Wake up and look yourself in the mirror, and learn what it takes to succeed even when all the cards are stacked against you.

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  8. blkfemme on July 16th, 2010 8:06 pm

    @jdude: keep your mouth silent about who MY leaders are; you know nothing of my people or our leaders. The people you mentioned like Farrakahn and others have their followers. However Black people are not monolithic (look up the term in a dictionary), a fact you’d know if you actually had any education. Your leaders, on the other hand, are damned near single-handedly responsible for the rape of the Earth, the theft of resources from people of color, the rape of women of color, and the probable suffocating death of the planet because of your rapaciousness and inborn evil. Everything you have “conquered” except Black people and American Indians has rotted on the vine. The Earth is dying as are her animal inhabitants, thanks to your leaders/rapists.

    Boy, you wanna start slinging arrows, then you better get the right equipment. Otherwise, go play your effing video games.

  9. Neil B on July 18th, 2010 11:39 am

    Some good points up there. Note that Mark Williams is taking advantage of history-based use of “colored” in NAACP’s own name. Looking at actual polls may say more:
    BTW note that even if poll shows “more” teapartiers are racist than average but most of them aren’t. But I think the issue is “tone.” As for things like affirmative action, those are game points to consider pros and cons, and opposition does not equate to racism (anymore than opposition to Israel’s policies is “anti-semitic” – the right’s flip-side of sometimes overbearing liberal responses to criticism.)

    drew: Then your “better” teaparty faction needs to openly declare a break from the other kind!

    jdude: whether or not we should have affirmative action, and over and above racism: black people are in worse shape due to documented overall shifting of resources and power to the wealthy. Welfare has already been cut, and did you know that more money now goes out in payments to child tax credits in general, like to families of all races making up to around 100k? Why am I subsidizing those upper middle class kids? And look at farm and industry subsidies, the way mining companies pay 1800s level for use of land because of lobbyists etc.

  10. Candice on July 18th, 2010 3:49 pm

    I guess discrimination doesn’t happen in jdude’s world….

  11. DemsOutNow on July 19th, 2010 8:53 pm

    Well, if the show fits…..

    Looks like this guy is just saying what everyone (including “coloreds”) already knows.

    Speaking the truth is now the new racist. MORONS.

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