The Electorate is Dumb, but Republicans Lead the Way

October 12, 2010


5 Responses to “The Electorate is Dumb, but Republicans Lead the Way”

  1. shayne on October 12th, 2010 11:54 am

    Good stuff and right on target.

  2. ChuckR on October 12th, 2010 12:57 pm

    It seems to me you have your own selective memory. Clinton’s budget surplus was in his final year, with a republican house – the house is the one that sets the spending. If I tell you how much you can spend, should you get credit for the savings?
    There is also the fact that Bush took office at the end of the dot com bubble – that’s right, in a recession. Sorry to tarnish the shine on your dream, but facts are facts.

    As to what to do with the surplus, Bush did the only ethical thing available, give it back to the folks that sent it. Did they go overboard with cuts in 2001 and 2003, yep they did.

    Now add in that the mounting Bush era deficits climbed in the last two years, and look again at who had control of the House, yep. Democrats.

    You Democrats seem to like to gloss over that little detail. Fortunately most of you don’t even know who’s really been in charge of Congress.

    One last piece of the pie, Bush’s ill advised costly war – the deficit increase for that was less than Obama and his friends has spent in the past year alone.

    Spin away, we too have access to the truth.

    I doubt this will make your comment sections, but you’ll see it and know.

  3. Jimmy James on October 12th, 2010 12:58 pm

    “The economy while William Jefferson Clinton was president was robust. I clearly remember debate about how to spend our surplus”

    Haha, I find it interesting how you decide that voters have “pea sized memories” and yet, here we are, with YOU that has a pea sized memory. I don’t know what “surplus” you are talking about that Bill Clinton left, but I do know about the “myth” that has gone around so many times that people like you believe in.

    Let me ask you this… Did the US Debt go UP or DOWN during Clinton’s eight years in office? The answer is UP! He raised the US Debt by $1.39 TRILLION dollars!!!!!!!! ( He took (ie. added) from the US Debt to put money into his last year’s operating budget to make it appear as an operating surplus. Debt it debt, no matter how you fix the numbers.

    “…the American people have forgotten how we got here to being with.”

    The “American” people have forgotten? You my friend are the one that has forgotten, or maybe you just really don’t know. Do you not know what party decided that every American deserves to have a home? It was the Democrat party that decided this. During the Clinton years, they forced Fanny and Freddy and countless other banks to offer “NINJA” loans. What are NINJA loans you ask? Simple, NINJA loans are loans give to people with No Income, No Jobs or Assets. Yep, good ol’ Democrats felt the rich were too rich, and the poor too poor, and that the poor deserve to own something even if they have no way to pay for it, EVER! (

    “I know why Republican’s are angry; it’s mostly because they know it was their elected leadership that caused this problem”

    NO, you DON”T know why Republican’s are angry. We are angry because idiots like you think that Clinton left a surplus. Idiots like you think the economic disaster happened because of Bush politics and are NOT willing to except that the disaster was long in the making and started with a president before G.W.Bush (of which he only made worse.) YOU my friend are not willing to except that the “spread the wealth” mentality of the Democratic Party is actually what caused this.

    Here is my favorite part. Democrats love to say they saw the housing collapse coming and they tried to tell the Republicans but the Republicans didn’t want ANY regulation on the banking industry. Oh really? If you believe this lie, then feel free to watch the following video of a Congressional Hearing about regulating the banking industry, and YOU tell ME which party was the naive party? ->

  4. majii on October 12th, 2010 4:53 pm


    You’re exactly right, and I, like you, have known it all along. There’s really no use discussing anything with someone who embraces an alternate view of reality sold to him/her by others with whom they have nothing in common, but the power-brokers invest a lot of time into convincing the “unwashed masses” that they are “just like you.”

    Yeah, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!

  5. udamdirtyape on November 16th, 2010 12:11 pm

    It is true that the American electorate is dumb, and that people here are capable of extraordinary acts of doublethink. Working class republicans are deluded for believing that they will one day be the rich, and democrats are fools for thinking that their party’s core policy is any different from that of the republicans. We have a neatly disguised one party system here in America. The party of wealth and privilege. The rule of law seems to count for very little these days. Every few years we flip a coin and worry about what side it lands on, but fail to realize that it is the same coin no matter what side it lands on. I find republicans to be repugnant but I find democrats to be only slightly less repugnant. Both parties and the media treat political discourse, something that should be deadly serious, as sport. Talking about who “won” debates instead of analyzing what was said. The powers that be are playing a game of “good-cop, bad-cop” with us. They are waving shiny trifles in front of us while pulling the rug out from under all of us. The American Empire is dying, wile the American Republic died a long time ago.

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