Bush on Bush: Oh, the Lies He Will Tell

October 22, 2010


2 Responses to “Bush on Bush: Oh, the Lies He Will Tell”

  1. D Rancourt on October 22nd, 2010 6:24 pm

    ‘Bush on Bush: Oh, the Lies He Will Tell’ in ChattahBox Op/Ed News by Tony Trupiano Oct 22, 2010 – Correct! Read the article and glimmer the future of the attitude that will deluge media after the ex’s book comes out. Hopefully, the critics get it for free, and only the blind-loyal can be counted on to buy it. The post-publication analysis will be so much richer, more informative, and infinitely more accurate, undoubtedly.

  2. don on November 1st, 2010 12:57 am

    LOL….Another “progressive” (aka liberal) who will “blame Bush” for the failings of anything your small mind cannot comprehend.

    You should not write out of hatred. It clouds the thinking. It’s been two years. Bush is not President anymore. He is not spending the 1.4 trillion a year today. He had no vote on healthcare, he was not present when claims were made out to have the most ethical administration ever. He did not cause obama to hire tax cheats, he did not advise obama on czars, he did not bail out GM, he did not advise obama to give funds to the unions instead of stockholders. Mr Bush did not tell obama to disparage the Supreme court in a national address. Mr Bush did not force obama to keep GITMO open. He did not force obama to keep almost every one of his terrorist policies in place. I know, I know, obama ranted against this, but turned to good policy when in office. Mr Bush did not advise the beer summitt. He did not force obama to speak irrationally about an incident he had no knowledge. Mr Bush did not advise obama to apologize to the world. He also did not advise him to bow to a muslim leader, then lie about it. Mr Bush did not advise obama to fly a plane over NYC for a photo op. Mr Bush was not the one who promised a bailout would keep unemployment at 8%. He certainly did not teach obama how to throw a baseball or hit a golf ball.

    I could go on, but even a hate filled person should comprehend he is not President anymore. His term is over. It’s time you lay blame where it belongs. At the feet of obama. The teenagers are not gonna be there to vote this time, because rhetorical messages are hollow. obama failed. His party will now suffer Tuesday. They went against the will of the people.

    I realize your bitterness needs to be focused somewhere…But not at Bush. His term is over. Obama wanted the job, asked for the job, was elected to do the job, but can now only blame others. When you blame others, you get fired. It happens in the real world and now, on Tuesday, in the unreal political world.

    Deal with it.

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