House GOP to Repeal Healthcare Law, Trash it ‘Piece by Piece’

January 2, 2011


2 Responses to “House GOP to Repeal Healthcare Law, Trash it ‘Piece by Piece’”

  1. majii on January 2nd, 2011 9:07 pm

    If the conservadems in Congress want to end up like those who lost their seats in November 2010, they can go right ahead and vote with the republicans to repeal the ACA, but they will not win in 2012 when they run for re-election. My blue dog lost his seat. This was no surprise to me. I had emailed him in August 2009 warning him that he would lose his seat if he continued to vote against the president’s legislation, but he didn’t listen. When he ran campaign ads on local teevee stations, they were all about how he was against the president, Senator Reid, and Ms. Pelosi, and he paid for it at the ballot box. He even had one where he showed his driver’s license to show that he wasn’t under Ms. Pelosi’s control when he cast his votes in Congress (“She’s from CA. I’m from GA. I represent the wishes of Georgians when I vote on legislation, not Californians!”) I think it was also an attempt by him to send an unspoken message to the birthers since GA has quite a few of them.

    I wonder what the republicans will tell the seniors who are now eligible for free check ups and screenings, and are getting more help paying for their prescriptions. It has been my experience that when people find something that helps them, it’s difficult to get them to agree to give it up.

    This was made clear to me during the HCR debates when senior citizens were protesting HCR while sucking at the government teat by receiving Medicare and Social Security. The most ironic sign I saw was held by an elderly person that said “Keep Your Hands Off My Medicare!” I also couldn’t help wondering how many of the protesters were/are receiving Medicaid and SSI payments. They had no clue that they were/are participating in a single payer plan which, according to them, is supposed to be “worse” than the ACA.

  2. marklang on January 3rd, 2011 2:23 am

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