Scarborough on ‘Irresponsible’ Gun Rhetoric: Shouldn’t Sarah Palin ‘Apologize?’

January 10, 2011


3 Responses to “Scarborough on ‘Irresponsible’ Gun Rhetoric: Shouldn’t Sarah Palin ‘Apologize?’”

  1. Morely Dotes on January 10th, 2011 11:06 pm

    Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Rupert Murdoch conspired to incite homicidal violence among the suggestible members of the lunatic fringe. As such, they are guilty of conspiracy to attempt to assassinate a member of the US Congress – as well as guilty of conspiracy to murder a 9 year old girl, and ll the other victims in Arizona. Hell, Jan Brewer has contributed to it as well.

  2. Linda McCarthy on January 11th, 2011 9:10 am

    Sarah Palin’s rhetoric is dangerous, and what’s more dangerous is that she just doesn’t get that it is! For her to make such comments that she has, like “don’t retreat, instead – RELOAD!” she is damn well giving permission to every nut case out there to do just that, and look what happened in Arizona.

    Of course she should apologize – but I don’t believe she will because she seems to believe what she has said, and if we take it “the wrong way,” well then, she sees us as being wrong.

    Something is absolutely wrong with her. She should stay in Alaska, guns and all, and never open that mouth again. She is absolutely crazy.

  3. majii on January 11th, 2011 9:21 pm

    Jeff Sharlet’s investigation into “The Family” is proving to be correct. Sharlet found that “Christian” members on the right feel that they can do anything and have no need to apologize to anyone because they believe God will always forgive them for their transgressions. This may be what they believe, but it’s not verified by the Bible. I have a very good memory and I recall that Jesus warned Christians of the danger of continuing to sin and expecting God to continue to forgive them. This tendency of some on the right to continue doing the same things which they know are wrong and expecting to always get away with it seems to have hit a major roadblock with Palin.

    She’s not directly responsible for what happened in AZ, but she and the members of her political party did suggest/hint that using violence to solve political differences was acceptable. They may not have meant it literally, but they used it to fire up their base. The problem is that none of them ever thought they would suffer any form of backlash as a result of their words/actions.

    As quick as Palin is to respond to a perceived attack on her by using Twitter and/or FB, her silence speaks volumes to me. I think she’s either hoping that if she stays out of sight long enough, people will forget, or that she’s holding strategy sessions with her advisers and is trying to figure out a way to spin the massacre when she finally decides to emerge from wherever she is hiding.

    I remember how many times she and her political allies have criticized the president for his “tardiness” in acting on some issues (releasing his plan for Afghanistan, the spill in the Gulf, his response to the Christmas bomber, etc.) For all of her criticism of President Obama, he did address every one of these issues, but on the issue of the massacre in AZ, Palin is MIA. Coward.

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