Bloody Wednesday: Eight CIA Agents, Five Canadians Killed by Afghan Taliban

December 31, 2009


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  1. Nikos Retsos on December 31st, 2009 1:58 pm

    The 8 American deaths in Afghanistan are a sign of the things to come in Afghanistan. And as the surge of the 30.000 additional troops builds up, there will be more targets available to insurgents, and their tactics would certainly change to avoid direct confrontation, and focus more on ambushes. Worse yet, the Americans won’t have to look behind their back for insurgents only, but also for our friends who are not really our friends, but who pretend to be because they become rich from our partnership and dependence on them to win the war – as I will explain later.

    Afghanistan today is the “Second Vietnam” for the U.S., but the U.S. leaders today are more foolish that those in the Vietnam War era. They just don’t understand the Muslim nationalism, nor the war history of the Afghans. And what happened in Khost province that killed the 8 Americans will happen again, and probably at a higher scale. The reasons? Both the Afghans and Pakistanis hate the war imposed on them by the U.S. That is why a Pakistani student told Hillary Clinton during a speech in Pakistan: “You had one 9/11, but we have a 9/11 every day here [because of the U.S. presence in Pakistan].” And after the U.S. Special Forces busted the door of an Afghan school at night 2 days ago, and gunned down 10 school children, university students flooded the streets of Jalalabad, burned effigies of the U.S. president Barack Obama, and chanted “Death to Obama” in protest.(AFP, December 30, 2009). And, to add insult to injury, Obama tells the world that the U.S. is in Afghanistan “TO PROTECT THE AFGHANS FROM THE TALIBAN, AND IN PAKISTAN TO PREVENT THE TALIBAN FROM TAKING CONTROL OF PAKISTAN’S NUCLEAR WEAPONS!” But the Afghans and Pakistanis see only a U.S. and Indian alliance trying to take control of Central Asia, and probably blunt China’s commercial and political expansion there.

    Are the people of the world stoned idiots to buy that warmongering propaganda of ours as a bouquet of Western styled freedom and security? Of course not. But the U.S. leaders certainly are. And the attack in Khost show that the Taliban have insider’s information from people in government – both in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Many Afghans and Pakistanis in both governments work with the Americans to take advantage of the flood of $$$$$ billions the U.S. is pouring in – and become rich, but they also work with the Taliban to cover their back when the U.S. is thrown out. They know that those who worked with the Soviet Union during its occupation of Afghanistan were hanged and shot dead within 24 hours of the Soviet withdrawal. But now they are smart to become rich, while they tip and support the Taliban clandestinely to ensure their survival – except those who are becoming multimillionaires in the widespread high government corruption posts, and plan to escape to Gulf States and live in splendor when the U.S. puppet regime in Kabul meet is fate.

    What happened in Khost, therefore, will happen again because the U.S. has few friends in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. And those few are the corrupt people in high positions that become rich, and hated by the population in both countries. People in low government positions, those who just work for a salary, will work clandestinely with the Taliban because they don’t want that salary to turn into a death sentence by the Taliban when the U.s. turn around and run. And that means that we should expect to see more knives in the back of the U.S. by its supposed allies. The U.S. suspects that, and has increased bribes to bring more influential people on its side. But bribes cannot erase the people’s national pride, neither can buy consent to a foreign occupation.

    I feel that Ronald Reagan’s secretary of state Alex Haig was right when he said: “Nobody has a monopoly of virtue,” and “sometimes we have to deal with some duplicitous bastards.” Can the U.S. win a war with the support of such people? Well, history has taught us that “satraps, caliphs, compradors, despots, tyrants, viceroys, and military juntas” imposed from outside powers on indigenous people don’t last. And the U.S. occupation in Afghanistan is headed toward that piled up dustbin of history.
    Nikos Retsos, retired professor

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