Nine American Troops Killed in Afghan Helicopter Crash

September 21, 2010


One Response to “Nine American Troops Killed in Afghan Helicopter Crash”

  1. Nikos Retsos on September 21st, 2010 12:53 pm

    The tragic death of 9 American troops in Afghanistan while election ballots are counted reminds us that “body counting” will determine the outcome of that war – not ballot counting! The adage “If the government is not winning a war, it is losing it,” figures prominently in Afghanistan. Ballots and elections are an alien concept in Afghanistan’s history, and trying to cultivate it with foreign armies, occupation, widespread corruption and bombing won’t produce a peace harvest. The war there will end when the “body count” makes us too exhausted to continue -period!

    The Afghan war has become a human meat grinder. And that reminds me the Hernest Hemingway’s aphorism: “In a modern war…you will die like a dog for no good reason!” George Bush went to Afghanistan to teach Muslims a lesson. He thought it will be easy to wipe out the ragtag Taliban, and in the process terrify other anti-American Muslims, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas, etc., so much that all of them will cry uncle when the U.S. give them the marching orders. It was a boomerang! Iran has become a Middle East power to reckon with, and Hezbollah has become the most respected and feared militia in the world!

    George Bush has come to understand his illusion in retirement by now, but Barack Obama has kept Bush’s “cloudy crystal ball” on our U.S. foreign policy. But, by now, he has become too confused will all the failures he is encountering in reading it and following George Bush’s scrip on subjugating the Muslims. And Obama himself has become himself a hostage of the U.S. Military and Industrial Complex who is gulping the $ U.S. billions for the Afghan war, while he still cannot figure out how to stop it without be portrayed as a coward and risking his 2012 re-election! Obama, willingly or unwillingly, has found himself in the cocoon of the late Barry Goldwater who once bragged: “Thank heaven for the Military-Industrial Complex. Its ultimate aim is peace in our time!” And the Military-Industrial Complex pulls Obama by the nose – as the dismissed former Afghan U.S. commander, General McChrystal, revealed before his dismissal.

    Last week we leaned that an American unit in Afghanistan was killing Afghan civilians “for sport!” And that tells us that our army there has seen the futility of the war, but since they are still under orders to keep on fighting, they have lost their sense on humanity and just shoot anything that come across their view. And the Afghan insurgency does likewise. Human life, therefore, is just wasted for “no good reason” – thank you Mr. Hemingway- because we lack real leaders – Charles de Gaulle types, who can stop war “cold turkey” – as De Gaulle did in Algeria in 1962. Unfortunately, we are saddled with buffoon presidents looking for wartime glory in the U.S. history, or for safeguarding their re-election. Nikos Retsos

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