Human Rights Groups ‘Indict’ Bush for Torture Without ‘Remorse’

February 8, 2011


One Response to “Human Rights Groups ‘Indict’ Bush for Torture Without ‘Remorse’”

  1. Joe Putnam on February 11th, 2011 12:42 pm

    If you guys are seeking to punish that idiot, George Bush, I’m for it, but not for the reasons you are pushing. I don’t care about Abu Ghraib or Gitmo torture. My take on that is we should have tortured, killed, maimed or done anything necessary to those sand niggers if it extracted any actionable intell. I believe we should abide by our obligations concerning torture if we’re in a war with another signatory of international conventions, but Al Qaeda wasn’t a signatory and I don’t remember that they had representatives at Geneva. I’m a combat veteran and can tell you that torture DOES work; I’ve seen it. Now, if you want to indict him for other stupid things he did, I’ll back you. Bush was a pot smoking, coke sniffing, alcoholic frat boy who never managed to accomplish anything without his daddy’s influence or the family money and he ran the government with such ham-handed lunacy that he should be indicted over things like getting us into a war in Iraq while ignoring bin Laden’s escape to Pakistan. Almost from his arrival at the White House he was looking for a reason to go after Saddam for trying to assassinate his dad. Moreover, after invading Iraq and figuring out that Saddam had no WMD, we should have left right then, but we stayed and spent nearly a trillion bucks building up an infrastructure in order to give Cheney’s old boss opportunities at multi-billion dollar contracts to reconstruct the country. He was building roads, schools and a government while bin Laden was digging in somewhere in Pakistan. He excused and explained it away by saying if we put a democracy in Iraq it would spread through the Arab world and solve our problems with them. Democracy is a form of government, it’s not kudzu; and it’s certainly not a one-size-fits-all government so it’s not going to spread anywhere. That’s what needs to be investigated, not his torture of dune coons. Those bastards deserved whatever they got; after all what’s a little water boarding compared to beheading Nick Berg and Danny Pearl, 9/11, murdering Coptic Christians, etc.?

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