More Healthcare Administrators Needed in the US

September 19, 2017

With the population of the United States growing rapidly, the need for healthcare professionals has grown through the roof. The healthcare industry is desperate to secure more professionals these days, especially when it comes to healthcare administrators who can increase efficiency and improve the organization. But, why are more healthcare administrators needed when the healthcare industry is already short of nurses and doctors?

Too Much Unnecessary Care

Billions of dollars get wasted every year on unnecessary treatment and procedures. It seems to be one of the common problems healthcare entities are faced with every day. Unnecessary care can be prevented with the right healthcare administrators in place. With better management and organization, it could help health professionals better determine the right course of action for patient recovery rather than just opting for surgery.

Nurses Aren’t Experienced

Because of the desperate need for nurses in America, there has been a sudden influx of nurses who are qualified to undertake their jobs but aren’t necessarily experienced enough. Healthcare entities would rather have qualified nurses with years of experience who can help shape inexperienced nurses into becoming more efficient. Healthcare administrators are needed for that reason – to hire employees who are well adept and know how to run wards without needing too much assistance. Hiring inexperienced nurses and expecting them to work as efficiently as someone with 20 years of experience has led to further healthcare problems. According to statistics, more than 500 people per day die because of poor treatment.

Healthcare Administrators Lower the Number of Required Nurses

Of course, the need for nurses is still very much needed in America, but healthcare administrators could lower that number considerably. Healthcare administrators can better organize institutes, higher production, improve care, and lower monthly expenditure. Although healthcare administrators who have an MHA degree online through Maryville University are considerably more expensive than nurses themselves, they still lower costs in terms of the need for fewer other employees.

An Industry with No Transparency

Another problem the healthcare industry has is that it’s transparent in terms of a lack of information for patients knowing what care they need. Ultimately, this leads patients into unnecessary care as stated above, and it also means nurses and doctors are needlessly undertaking work that would be better suited to another professional. Healthcare administrators with an online masters in health administration can put an end to this problem by passing on their knowledge to nurses who can then give patients the care they need.

Ultimately, healthcare administrators put an end to a lot of the needless jobs that get undertaken in thousands of healthcare practices across the country. Inexperienced nurses seem to be the common problem for the industry, but the lack of experienced nurses that are coming through the system is adding to that problem considerably. If healthcare entities are willing to look at the bigger picture and employ professionals such as healthcare administrators, they might be able to breathe easier knowing their practices are better managed.


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  1. thesis papers for order on October 2nd, 2017 9:35 am

    Non-experienced nurses are big problems for US. That’s why heathcare loses it’s quality. We should pay attention to this, because it can increase the amount of medical mistakes and deaths as a result.

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