Gu Gu the Giant Panda strikes/bites for third time

January 8, 2009

BEIJING (chattahBox) – Gu Gu the apparently cute but not so cuddly Giant Panda has struck again. This time the six year old male panda attacked a visitor who climbed into its space. Officials say the man climbed a nearly five foot barrier surrounding the outdoor exercise area to retrieve a toy dropped by his 5-year-old son.

A spokeswoman told the AP that Gu Gu, who weighs in at 240 pounds, clamped down on the intruder’s leg and refused to let go. Zookeepers had to use tools to pry open the animal’s jaws. The man suffered damage to major ligaments and is recovering from surgery.

This is the third known Gu Gu attack who perhaps is developing a taste for human. In October, Gu Gu bit a teen intruder. And in 2007, he bit a drunken tourist who jumped into his pen and tried to hug him. The tourist retaliated by biting the bear in the back.

Officials at the Beijing Zoo are now wisely considering changes to keep visitors away from Gu Gu’s enclosure.


3 Responses to “Gu Gu the Giant Panda strikes/bites for third time”

  1. Tammy on January 12th, 2009 11:28 am

    A Panda is not a domestic pet, they are kept in a fenced area for a reason. That is their territory, you invade it and you are in trouble, same as in the wild. Something falls in the area, call someone who works there.

    Do not climb fence, to not put fingers through fence, signs put up for a reason.

    Not the Panda’s fault, he is going by nature, he doesn’t know better but humans are suppose to.

    Leave him alone, bad enough everyone stares at him and he has no privicy.

  2. Donna on January 13th, 2009 1:51 pm

    Instead of the headline reading, “Panda Strikes For Third Time”, it should
    say, “Third Idiot Jumps Into Panda Enclosure”. These are BEARS, after all,
    and like other bears, they can be aggressive when they feel threatened.
    Would these same people go into a cage with a grizzly bear? Then they
    shouldn’t go into a cage with a panda bear. It’s the people’s fault, not the

  3. admin on January 13th, 2009 2:11 pm

    Donna, your ‘better’ title suggestion is great and really made me laugh! Thanks…

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