Three Members Of The Kulina Tribe Accused Of Cannibalism

February 11, 2009

Brazil (ChattahBox) – If you thought that cannibalism was a thing of the past, you were wrong.

Three members of the Kulina tribe in Brazil – Amazon Indians have been arrested after they allegedly murdered, and ate, a 21-year-old farmer from Envira, which is in the far western part of Brazil that bumps up against Peru.

The victim was reportedly herding cattle when he met with a group of Indians who invited him back to their village.

“They knew each other and they sometimes helped one another. They invited him to their reservation three days ago and he was never seen again.

“The family decided to go into the reservation and that’s when they saw his body quartered and his skull hanging on a tree. It was very tragic for the family.”

The Kulina Indians have no history of consuming flesh, even in their far history, and the act is not at all common to the area, leading police to believe the three were practicing homicide, rather then any kind of tribal right.

They apparently killed, and ate Ocelio Alves de Carvalho, and then went back to relatives on their reservation, bragging about eating his insides. Police think they may have been on drugs at the time of the murder.

“This is not usual in the region, it seems like an isolated case of homicide,” Seargent Osmildo Fereira da Silva said in a statement.


3 Responses to “Three Members Of The Kulina Tribe Accused Of Cannibalism”

  1. Donald Pollock on February 13th, 2009 7:37 pm

    The Kulina do not practice cannibalism, and are disgusted by the practice. I am confident that this rumor will turn out to be incorrect, if not a deliberate libel against this community.

  2. olivia on February 14th, 2009 11:50 am

    Donald, did you actually read the story? It says that the Kulina don’t practice Cannibalism, but the three men who participated WERE members of the tribe. It was an unrelated act of homicide by three men who were using drugs.

    That isn’t a rumor, and it isn’t an allegation against the tribe, which you would know if you actually bothered to read the story, and not just the headline.

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