Ex-Astronaut Claims Government Covering Up UFO Info

April 21, 2009

US (ChattahBox) – Yet another former astronaut has come forward, claiming that there are extraterrestrials, and that the government is covering the knowledge up.

Edgar Mitchell, an astronaut who was present on the original Apollo 14 moon mission in the 1970’s, grew up in Roswell, New Mexico. He claims that the residents of his town were well aware of the top secret information guarded about the 1947 wreckage that the US Military has long since maintained was a balloon crash.

He says that the people in his town were told never to tell what happened there, but that many “didn’t want to go to the grave with their story.”

“Our destiny, in my opinion – and we might as well get started with it – is to become a part of the planetary community,” he said in a recent interview with CNN.

“We should be ready to reach out beyond our planet and beyond our solar system to find out what is really going on out there.”

However, NASA has come out and said on the record that there is nothing to hide, and that the claims that there are UFO’s, and that the world’s governments are attempting to hide it for political reasons, it ridiculous.

“NASA does not track UFOs. NASA is not involved in any sort of cover-up about alien life on this planet or anywhere else,” Michael Cabbage, the official spokesperson for NASA said in response. “Period.”


3 Responses to “Ex-Astronaut Claims Government Covering Up UFO Info”

  1. Derr UFO on April 22nd, 2009 12:28 am

    this email was sent to some ufo researchers by me a day before the edgar mitchell story ran online…..

    ufo researchers =(UFOR) // the ufo cover up agencies =[UFOC]

    title of commentary : what it really means to understand april 2009

    =- -= -= =- -= -= =- -= -= =-

    it is time in this spring time festival of renewal and sun-returning joy to the lives of men, women and children everywhere to make a few comments on the ufo research community’s present state of affairs or status.

    1- there is still an ongoing cover up about the government of ____ ( place your nation’s govt name here ) involvement in systematic lying to the people of the world about the nature of alien visitation to our planet, the size of the visitation, the number of ufo visiting events reported and confirmed by govt personnel, and what, if any, information has been learned as to what the aliens want, if they want any thing at all.

    A ) 2 personal opinions below of S. Tobias :

    (/) – if there is an opinion by those in govt agencies
    holding the secrets of what govt thinks the aliens want
    it is being well kept so far.

    (//) – judging from daily political activities of humans and their leaders it is more understandable with every passing day why the aliens are presumed to avoid earth contact with earth’s leaders presently.

    2 – with every passing year that the ufo cover up [UFOC]
    agencies are allowed to conceal the truth illegally from the very people they profess to serve as govt personnel/leaders it makes ufo researchers (UFOR) more unhappy. This leads the UFOR to have more feeling of a
    sense of loss,or a loss of self worth and lose the feeling of purpose to have worked for so many years of struggle to gain the truth. The UFO Researchers have always had a sense of purpose to all their hard work to gain the information hidden by UFOC. That UFOR purpose was to serve mankind in the noble manner that the UFOC govt agencies falsely try to assume each day as they continue the cover up… and draw paychecks weekly as if they were actual servants of and to the Public.

    3- the sense of unhappiness i made reference to concerns those UFOR who become ill and die or die from old age or who are even now passing on in to senior years with a sense of not yet having had closure on their hard work to end the UFOC. It is a sense of regret they feel that they are not seeing the end of the UFOC during “their time at the helm” of the UFOR ship. They wish to retire, some of them do, or many will cease work over time. They will have little to show from the hard work and little seen satisfactions of UFO Research as long as the UFOC exists. The reason i wrote this memo is to hope that it is seen by some in the UFOC who are unwilling to continue the lies and wish to come forward to tell the truth. I also know many interested in UFOR will read this and some of course will be UFO Researchers who will instantly understand what i am writing and why i am writing this.

    4- there is a perception among some, at the very least, it is with me, that we in UFOR are being swept under the rug in to obscurity a little more for every day the ufo
    cover up continues to exist. I say this because every time our UFOR colleagues die, for whatever reason, from whatever cause. we have to guard against this melancholy we may feel. A feeling that we all in UFOR are going to slip in to nothingness, some day, with nothing to show for all our hard work investigating UFOs and the
    conspiracy of silence by govt. about UFOs. So with the passing of friends, with that loss of a friend or colleague who was also a ufo researcher, we must not let the stubborn wishes of the UFOC to hold on to their lies trouble us or burden us in gloom.

    5- The UFOC, is perceived to be, by my own account, I, Steve Tobias, would call it “the final worst act of treachery in modern times and the most despicable conspiracy of all time,this UFOC, the ufo cover up .”

    6 – We can only hope those in UFOC awash in the black blood of such betrayal of Humanity come forward and confess of their past misdeeds and tell the truth. Cleanse some of what you have done wrong. Clean yourself through telling us the truth ufo cover up agents and office clerks. Tell Humanity the true information the government knows about UFOs and about the pilots of those craft, Aliens from some where else.
    From – Steve Tobias / USA
    Veteran US Air Force / UFO Researcher 1991 – July 2008 *

    (written april 20 2009)

    * i have taken a year off from this work since July 2008
    til July 2009. I try to keep up study of anything new or odd in the world news. I remain in contact with several ufo research organizations. i am in close association with some ufo researchers and know of many others who all have my unwavering support though some may not even know who i am.

  2. Bible UFO » Blog Archive » Aftermath ufo on April 22nd, 2009 5:42 am

    […] US (ChattahBox) – Yet another former astronaut has come forward, claiming that there are extraterrestrials, and that the government is covering the knowledge. UFO News… […]

  3. marvin kantor on January 18th, 2010 5:29 pm

    ufo’s have been here since the beginning of time,we are there children,inpregnated by them,of earths cavewomen,and ,blocked,our brains,to use us as workers,to mine earths,gold.,but the mind block is loosing,its,strenth,and is letting us use more, of our full minds now.they may gather us,on 2012? stop the usa,ufo cover up! it will be a better world then! stay well all! mk.( mufon member/ufoligist,many years!) (other worlds are watching!)——

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