Weird Looking Rock Sparks Mars Life Debate

May 1, 2009

Outer Space (ChattahBox) – Once again UFO enthusiasts are excited at the prospect of life on Mars, after a new set of satellite images show what appears to be an alien skull resting on the surface of the planet.

The rock lays among the wasteland that is Mars, heavily sun-baked among it’s fellows. But what makes this rock a little different is the way it appears to have eye sockets, a nose, a mouth, and perhaps even a chin.

The photos are similar to those taken in 2006, and even in 1976, each of which were believed by some to hold proof of extraterrestrial life on the red planet.

But the rest of us aren’t quite so easily convinced, and I am afraid it will take more then an oddly-shaped boulder to convince this news writer.



4 Responses to “Weird Looking Rock Sparks Mars Life Debate”

  1. Old Man Dotes on May 1st, 2009 12:45 pm

    It’s a ROCK, for pity’s sake. Must be a slow news day.

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  3. Ellie on May 2nd, 2009 1:50 am

    So many clouds, trees, rocks, even whole mountains look like the human face here on Earth itself. Given the number of rocks on Mars, the one face that we see is a reasonably possible statistical point. If you get another rock nearby, or even a few hundred miles away that looks 90% the same, then you can be a million times more assertive that indeed that is a face of an intelligent living being, mostly decapitated. But just one is not good enough.
    Give us a second face that looks same or derived and the whole situation changes drastically, from a scientific point of view. Accusing NASA is not going to help, because if they are hiding such enormous discoveries, you should really never ever trust NASA again. That is a bit too far, isn’t it?
    I am a total conspiracy theorist in politics and economics. There are really horrible people in power on Earth, they do extremely insidious things – like bugging squirrels, doing mass surveillance, sniffing your internet connections, tapping calls, etc.
    But that’s because they have a money interest and personal security (hiding evil business methods) interest. The rock on Mars is not so clearly driven by *money* interest or power hunger – you simply cannot go there or get stuff back from there. If you insist on free energy, well, some of our hackers would have got their hands on those things by now. But they have not. Wikileaks has not posted alien sighting reports although it has knowledge and photos of open disposal of nuclear waste in garbage dumps. That is something that can create serious PR problems for the powerful elite. But they do not bother to even deny or cover that up.
    Comparing with that, the one rock on Mars cannot be cited as proof. UFOs, as has been recently revealed, were experimtental USAF aircraft and the DOD / NASA are great at covering up this stuff. What we need to worry about is not aliens invading the planet, but our powerful elite using the vagueness around the intelligent hostile alien concept to hide human endeavors that are lowly and ignoble and dangeruos.
    For example, they could be interested in testing droids delivered via drones to militarily sensitive areas. These alien rumours will be the best way to camouflage those activities. They used mass alien hysteria in the late 40s and through the 50s and 60s to conduct secret aircraft research and testing and called everyone fools – even the people who saw the real aircraft – so that their secret would remain.
    This seems to be another attempt at that same strategy – show some “alien” photos get the public hysterical, and in the melee, drop some droids from drones and anyone who sees and reports those, call them crack and silence them.

    This these people are totally capable of doing. Proven track record. The game was expeosed when the Pope endorsed aliens!

    We can be sure to see some more of this hysteria and name-calling while the droids and drones are being tested. Check out the cute Japanese human droid video on youtube. If the Japanese can demonstrate that in a civilian environment, on a public stage, this alien will soon be dropping from the sky in the next few decades.
    I would love that UFOs are real – and that they would talk some sense into our politicians – like Ronald Reagan hoped, but I’m afraid, there’s no second face in that vicinity.
    Instead, there are a whole lot of real demos of droids and drones and tiny flying robots in all the robotics companies in Silicon Valley and in some places in Europe.
    So that;s much more likely, given the Pope endorsing aliens. No, USA is not going to drop drones and droids into every land in a apocalyptic war, it is that they have invested so much into the system of total domination by brute force that they have many enemies, rightfully, around the world and they want to make more powerful and “intellgent” weapons to combat these enemies.
    A better method would be to partner in the development of third world countries, and remove the laws that prevent economic growth. But most politicians have vested interests and most lawyers have deep nexuses with these politicians.

    Aliens can help us, if they can travel from their worlds to us, which I doubt they will given that we are intelligent race that destroys all other races (we call them species of animals while we are just another species of animal) on our planet. No alien capable of producing such advanced technology as to travel galaxies will indulge in violence – their society cannot have progressed to that technology without lasting peace in their society. There are aliens out there, but they dont know about us and we dont know about them.
    And if they know about us, seeing our barbaric ways, they will never tread into such a region – like you would not like to go to cannibal villages in tropical Africa.
    Believing in aliens is very scientific.
    Believing in aliens on Mars or alien visits from other solar systems and galaxies is not.
    This is politics and military.

  4. zoe on May 13th, 2009 11:03 am


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