HLN’s Robin Meade to tandem jump with George H.W. Bush for his birthday

June 9, 2009

(ChattahBox) — George H.W. Bush is going to celebrate his 85th birthday Friday in style. Bush Sr., is a veteran skydiver has made some tough jumps especially as a 20-year-old Navy pilot in World War II when he was shot down over the Pacific. But the sky dive he will make on his birthday should be a lot more fun with Headline News anchor Robin Meade strapped to him for a tandem jump. I guess this will be George’s ‘Private Stimulus Package.’ In return Meade will get to interview Bush Sr. before they make the jump.

“It is both a thrill and an honor,” Meade said in a release. “Anchoring four hours of live television is an adrenaline rush most days, but this tandem jump with President Bush will be a new level of excitement, I’m sure.”

And George’s wife probably won’t be too jealous as the cast of playhouse production of “A Chorus Line” were invited to the Bushes’ private vacation home in Maine yesterday to celebrate Barbara’s 84th birthday.


4 Responses to “HLN’s Robin Meade to tandem jump with George H.W. Bush for his birthday”

  1. goinglikesixty on June 10th, 2009 10:20 am

    No… each will be strapped to a Golden Knight. Loser gets Old Bush, winner gets young bush.

  2. olivia on June 10th, 2009 11:28 am

    That ‘Stimulus Package’ comment made me choke on my coffee. I adore you, Sue.

  3. olivia on June 10th, 2009 11:29 am

    I just realized I wrote ‘Sue’ instead of ‘Barry’ because I have been commenting on so many of Sue’s stories lately. LOL. I need more coffee.

  4. Andy on August 24th, 2010 1:24 pm

    Look, there’s been lots of fun and games about Robin Meade,and that’s just fine. But now I have to ask you to take it easy, because you may not be aware of this, but Robin and I have a relationship of several years and will be getting married in October. She may claim not to have consented to this, but that’s just her sense of humor. She might be so funny (it’s adorable) that she claims not to know anything about our engagement when the big day arrives. So just in case I’ve got a bottle of chloroform and a fresh sponge, and three fat rolls of military-grade silver duct tape. If she’s still kidding around I have a wheelchair to tape her up in for the honeymoon. She’s just got such a strong sense of humor; she played this big practical joke on me when I tried to surprise her at work the third time with a bouquet of pink roses and a clown costume, acting like she wasn’t in love with me, having me arrested and tried and sentenced to six months in the Fulton County Men’s Correctional–you know, the whole bit.

    Okay, I’m not actually crazy like that. I know that shaving my initials into her dog’s side was illegal, and I know that waiting for her in the back seat of her car and having her drive me to another parking garage and give me the stockings right off her legs–well, that was technically kidnapping, and that’s wrong.

    Ack. I can’t stop this zany and *hilarious* joke. Who doesn’t want to marry Robin Meade? And who wouldn’t want a pair of her stockings? And frankly, I’d get a lot of pleasure out of tying her up–but only if she really wanted me to and had as much fun as I did in the process. So let’s straighten that out.

    Really I wish there were more pics of Robin out there. I’ve only found three or four non-screengrabs. She should definitely pose for Maxim or one of the quality sexy-but-not-filthy magazines, preferably in her trademark attire–and I speak, quite naturally, of those shiny or at least glossy calf-tight, high-heeled boots she shows off all fall and winter and at least one day a week even in the hot weather. All joking aside, I LOVE Robin in her ultra mega sexy boots; as a leg fan (but also a guy who can appreciate a perfect bust like hers) I fantasize constantly about zipping the boots off her perfect legs and giving her a thorough foot massage.

    In short, I am in love with Robin Meade, who outdoes every sex symbol/model/singer/actress/performer of any kind with her natural born sexiness and beauty, And I’d love to come across a decent photo gallery of her online, wouldn’t you?

    Thank you for taking the time to read my semi-coherent blatherings. All that stalker stuff was my lame attempt to be funny; all I want from Robin Meade, besides the chance to administer that foot massage, is the day’s news read in her pleasing voice and a few long shots of her turning her ankle as she crosses those five-star legs and small feminine feet in explosively hot stiletto heels or stiletto boots. She is ust too HOT for words.

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