Calf Mutilations Have Authorities Flummoxed Over Source

November 27, 2009

New Mexico (ChattahBox) – Four calves have been found mutilated at a New Mexico ranch. But authorities are at a loss as to what may be causing the deaths.

The four calves had their skin pulled back from their ribcage, and their organs were carefully removed. One calf had its’ tongue removed from it’s mouth.

Ordinarily, police would suspect humans involved, given the precise nature of the mutilations. However, there were no signs of people nearby, such as pools of blood, tracks, or footprints.

Likewise, there are no signs of an animal attack being the course.

UFO believers are already in the area, saying that this was the work of aliens.

However, police are saying that there is likely another, less cosmic, explanation.

These attacks come after three others in the region in March.



4 Responses to “Calf Mutilations Have Authorities Flummoxed Over Source”

  1. joe america on November 28th, 2009 7:05 am

    For the record,
    Its incredibly retarded that peoples first hypothesis is this must be aliens,
    without first invalidating the most plausible and probable explanations first.
    This should be common sense in a sane educated world, but we dont live in a sane world anymore, do we?
    Screw the data, E.T. did it because they got the munchies and decided to drive 1000 light years to pick up some ethnic-earth fast food. Anybody who disagrees with this hypothesis is an ignorant and stupid fool, or a Federal Disinformation Agent.

    R.I.P Reason and Rational Thought.

  2. Joseph Capp on November 28th, 2009 10:40 am

    dear Joe,
    It’s best to keep your mouth shut when you don’t know what you are talking about. There have been `15,000 cases so far of cattle mutilations around the world. No explanation, no one ever caught. By the way do you think these beings travel to here every time they look around. Let me see if you can get this concept…it’s called bases. The truth is ranchers did not come out and scream aliens. It was after decades that many of them reveled their stories about craft on the ground and little beings. A scientific team( National Institute of Discovery Science) went out to the investigate these animals, some of the cuts were done with laser like instruments which cut the skin and sealed the blood flow. They also hiird the best tracker a native Amercian to check for any tracks after a fresh kill he spend hours tring to find a single track…there were none.
    So before you think people just jumped to these conclusion you need to do a little reading.

    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  3. joe america on November 28th, 2009 4:17 pm

    Joe replying to Joe,
    Just because I don’t agree with the alien hypothesis, doesn’t mean I am ignorant of the phenomenon, it cases, and history… the opposite is true, and have spent most everyday of 20 years looking into this and whole span of UFology.. I remain unconvinced.

    Its no different than assuming I must know nothing about the bible and christianity because I am atheist, when the reality is I have many many years of formal christian education

    I will say I have always been intrigued by the possibility that this mutilation phenomenon is the only potential source of empirical evidence avaliable concerning the hypothesis of Aliens. The sad thing is out of the “15000” cases you mention the measurable data is lacking so much its pointless and highly suspect. Its is too easy for stories to become myth and then quoted as fact. It happens all the time inside faith based belief systems.
    It is also Intellectually dishonest having a personal hypothesis without the motivation to FALSIFY it. Because this is the only way to know if your hypothesis is correct or not.
    The Ufologists who study this stuff, they approach the data wanting to prove their hypothesis right, which is the opposite of what they should be doing. they should be trying to prove themselves WRONG… it seriously contaminates the data when all you look for is stuff that would prove a personal hypothesis right without trying to falsify it… it ceases to be any kind of objective science.
    But UFology isnt a science is it? Just another faith based belief system.
    If someone is hostile towards falsifying their own hypothesis, as almost all UFologists are, then it ceases to be any kind of valuable scientific inquiry

    You mention Alien Bases, which by that statement alone disqualifies you from being an objective observer.. Because we both know ZERO empirical evidence exists for Alien Bases.

  4. Don Ledger on November 30th, 2009 2:17 pm

    Re this sentence, “UFO believers are already in the area, saying that this was the work of aliens.”

    Cripes it never ends. UFO believers? They never get it right which puts the entire article in question. There’s a fringe element out there that the media-and other idiots-fall back on when they want to make a point that has no substance, they drag out the ‘UFO believers’. How do you believe in something that hasn’t been identified as yet.
    There’s a but though; these mutilations often have witnesses reporting unidentifieds in the area during the time of the event. Additionally since many of these mutilations seem to come up empty on reasons why there is no blood at the scene or footprints or other tracks there is the implied possibility that some aerial vehicle is involved such as a helicopter. If helicopters are involved then this is likely some kind of sophisticated rustling operation collecting organs for some sick gourmets, for medical reasons or possibly controlled environmental studies.

    As for this; “However, police are saying that there is likely another, less cosmic, explanation.” They don’t know dick about this and should probably keep their mouths shut. They have no expertize in this area.

    As for the aliens traveling light years for a snack; way to go with the reasoned thinking. Couldn’t you come up with something deeper than this. Talk about traveling with the un-enlightened herd.

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