Mohammed tops list of UK baby names

October 29, 2010

[ChattahBox News] – Baby names are a clear indicator of the vibrant palette of humanity that is western Europe, and this year’s list of the most popular names includes a surprise; The number one name in Britain is now Mohammed.

Based in London, the Office of National Statistics announced yesterday that ‘Oliver’ was the most popular name for boys born in 2009. But research conducted by CNN of the top 4,500 names shows that when its various spellings are combined Mohammed becomes #1.Oliver then comes in second, followed by Jack, Thomas, Charles, Harry, William and Daniel.

According to the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life around 4.6% of the UK’s population is Muslim, totaling just under 2.9-million people. And among that group the name Mohammed is a hugely popular choice;

“The first reason why people keep the name is their love of the prophet Mohammed, because they want to emulate him,” Imam Abdullah al-Hasan of the East London Mosque tells the reporters. “They want to copy him; not just through his behavior and conduct, but also his name.”

Western Europe in general has seen a significant increase in the Muslim population in the last twenty years, according to Pew. From under 10-million in 1990 it stands at around 17-million today, the DC-based think-tank reported last month.

And that growth has endured several laws which made life as Muslim an increasing challenge; There have been reports of racial violence aimed at Muslims in some parts of England, while the wearing of the traditional women’s garment, the Burqa was outlawed in France and Switzerland banned Minarets.

But Imam al-Hasan says Britain has no reason to fear the Islamic faith or its followers.

“One message I would give them is that you shouldn’t be surprised. You shouldn’t be scared. You shouldn’t be frightened or anything like that,” he said. “It shows Islam is here to stay. It’s not alien from the Western society, and it’s not alien to the British context.”


5 Responses to “Mohammed tops list of UK baby names”

  1. HASAN on October 30th, 2010 5:11 pm

    Now parents will no need to think about their “Baby Names” any more.Our blog provides you a lot of related topics to names & babies.

  2. MdShafiqM on November 14th, 2010 3:27 pm

    SUBHANAALLAH. Blessed are the families, neighbourhoods, places, countries where the divine name of the Messenger of ALLAH, the Last Holy Prophet: for mankind: ‘MOHAMMED'(p.b.u.h.) flourish, are held high in respect, love, honour, reverence and keeping up the values/ teachings.

  3. MdShafiqM on November 14th, 2010 3:31 pm

    The deep, secret of the sacred meaning of the divine name “Mohammed” (s.a.w.), the reverence it carries amongst mankind, are reasons to explore … can well be stretched for explanation to the greatest extents, volumes after volumes are already there, as but a proof of the reality.
    The imbibed beauty of how the child/person named “Mohammed” seeks blessing throughout life and hereafter is but a myth; the knowledge of the name is universally known, appreciated, admired and adored by followers of Islam and various scholars, which has remain a fact. Change your name to one of your names to “Mohammed” and you realize how you seek the greatest blessings, the name carries; from ALLAH-the-All-Mighty, for all the specialties the greatest of soul had. In essence that is the truth of the reality that parents prefer their children too to have gifted humane values in them and correspondingly evade the curses of the devil that the other so to say meaningless names carry in comparison.

    Muhammed, Mohamad, Mohammed, Mohamed, Mohammad, Mohamet, Mahmoud, Mehemet, Mehmet, Ahmad, Ahmet, Amad, Amed, Hamid, Hamad, Hammed
    When you assemble the number of people in all times, out number any other name except ALLAH.
    How fitting and miraculous the name is, we realize when we study, with an open mind, unbiased about mankind’s Last Holy Prophet: MOHAMMED (p.b.u.h.), that we too may be granted the mercy and rewards that he (s.a.w.) was showered with.
    Praise be to ALLAH-the-All-Mighty for having blessed mankind with “MOHAMMED” (may peace and blessings of ALLAH be upon him) as His Messenger, and the Last of the Prophets. (may peace and blessings of ALLAH be upon all the Prophets of ALLAH-THE-ALL-MIGHTY).

  4. MdShafiqM on November 14th, 2010 3:32 pm

    Those who lack the basic knowledge and value or the fundamental reasons of living up to the name “Mohammed” or falter or fail to carry it with dignity throughout their life in social responsibilities, must refrain from using it, else the curses that follow too are multiple and manifold in their effects and have correspondingly found to have lasted adverse effects, for generations after generation, in reality, from the evil spell that they get exposed to, is incalculable. Carelessness, misuse or misinterpretation that may occur from any individual or section of the society in the matter, has a great concern and fear that the believers live with which has in present times well understood than ages before and for which most disbelievers are taken a back or found to be bewildered at, when they see the displeasure, disgust, depression and the ill effects that follow.

    In fact those who cannot live up to, or are incompetent or ignorant to value the blessed divine name “Mohammed”, the name must be snatched away from them and for many a generations, as a penance, so that they learn to use this blessed name first. The leniency, generosity or may be it is a form of negligence of the masses, that anyone what no reason uses the name or uses it to blasphemy the name and community, consciously or unconsciously, is a matter unaddressed, the awakening for which is much awaited. This negative attitude to unconscious, silent or remaining unconcerned, are well reasons of the heavy price mankind is paying for. The matter must well be understood and well calculated from that stand point, most unfortunately though, it’s the failure of those in power to lead and act to educate the general masses that are knowingly or unknowingly are trapped in the negativities that crop up.
    When we learn and conclude the reasons of the uncontrollable causes and affects of such curses or under the spell of which our lives and property get destroyed, followed with the miseries that last for ages, as to why we have earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, wild fires, floods, wars, man made and natural disasters, we would learn the truth of their occurrence for the curses they carry from ALLAH-the-ALL-MIGHTY is but the disregard, dishonor, they have committed towards His, beloved Prophet: MOHAMMED (p.b.u.h.).

  5. Linda, VP Baby Names on December 22nd, 2010 12:02 am

    That’s an interesting trend. Mohammed is one of my favorite names. It’s also used in the US and more prevelant than many other names. Hundreds of babies are named Mohammed each year.

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