Desperate Housewives Complete Fourth Season DVD Review

August 29, 2008

ChattahBox reviews<br /> Desperate Housewives Season 4 on DVDDesperate Housewives: The Sizzling Secrets Edition
Complete Fourth Season

DVD Review
Published By: Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
Street Date: September 2, 2008
Price: $59.99
US Rating: TV-14

Secrets, secrets, sizzling secrets!!  The Fourth Season of Desperate Housewives arrives on DVD 9/2/08 in the form of the Sizzling Secrets Edition of the box set.  From the box to the screen this set delivers.  It comes wrapped in a plastic cover that shows the ladies from Wysteria Lane dressed in fine blue evening dresses, but once you open it, much like the ladies themselves you see the fire that exists underneath!

This series has been a hot property since coming out in 2004.  In the four seasons it has aired it has produced 7 Emmy Award winners and 24 additional Emmy nominations.  Want Golden Globes?  Got those too to the tune of 2 winners and 5 nominations in the last year.  Needless to say this show is a winner.

This season picks up where the last left off with Susan and Mike settling into their new life together as man and wife, Bree covering for her daughter’s pregnancy with one of her own.   We also find Lynette and Tom battling her cancer and balancing their family, Edie and Carlos’ relationship and the completely unromantic relationship between Gabrielle and politician Victor.  The prime time soap also introduces a new family to the block, Dana Delany as Kathryn Mayfair, a woman who has secrets of her own, this season’s Betty Applewhite.  In between the backstabbing, gossiping and lemon meringues there are some fun, exciting, and heartwarming moments that make this series the success that it is.  It entertains on so many levels and never seems to take itself too seriously, which is a good thing.

The Bonus Material provided in the DVD shows the true gold of this series, in it’s cast.  You could always tell from the show itself that these actors are also close off the set as well as on, and in the Bonus Materials that is proven.  We get to see the couples paired together on screen put their characters down for a bit and just be themselves in the Couples Commentary Section.

Also while the women get a lot of well deserved attention on the show it is the men who get their own spot in the Men of Wysteria Lane section.  My personal favorite of every DVD or Box Set is the Bloopers and Deleted Scenes sections and this set delivers on this as well.  Not every shot is a single take, or perfect the first time and we see that in this section as well.

Perhaps the best piece of Bonus Material is the Getting Desperate from Beginning to End, which takes a look at what goes into making the show from wardrobe to set design.  The focus of this segment is the making of the tornado episodes from Season Four and how the producers brought this to life.

One other nice little perk of this set is that it came with a sneak peak at the premiere episodes of three other ABC titles, “Pushing Daisies”, “Private Practice” & “Dirty, Sexy Money”.  So if you missed these or got into the series a bit late you can still see how it got started.

Film: 8.0 This show hits home with all of the women it targets and the cast makes it easy for the men to watch as well.

Audio & Video: 8.0
Top quality audio and video, as expected from ABC.

Extras: 8.0
Some of the best stuff in the set was contained in these Bonus Materials.  Almost worth the price alone!

Overall: 8.0

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