Eli Stone Season One DVD Review

September 3, 2008

ChattahBox reviews<br /> Eli Stone Season One on DVDEli Stone: Season One

DVD Review

Publisher: Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
Street Date:  9/2/08
Price: $39.99

The first season of the new ABC Series Eli Stone will hit stores starting September 2, 2008.  This series follows the recent trend in ABC series, which mixes the drama of intense themes with the situational comedy you would normally find in a sit-com.

In this series we meet the title character Eli Stone played by Jonny Lee Miller, a ruthless corporate lawyer who lives in San Francisco and is engaged to the boss’s  (Victor Garber) daughter (Natasha Henstridge).  He has everything in his life lined up and he is doing very well for himself until one evening, George Michael makes an unannounced appearance in his living room.  In trying to determine where the vision came from he discovers from his brother Nate, a doctor, that he has a brain aneurysm that is inoperable and it is this that is causing these hallucinations.  As Eli attempts to regain control of his life, which is now spinning out of control because of these visions, he visits an acupuncturist and gets more than he bargained for.  There he meets Dr. Chen (James Saito) who poses the theory that perhaps these are not simply random visions but signs from above that Eli should use to better the world around him.

In the first season we see Eli use these talents to help many people in their legal and some medical battles. We also see the struggles he goes through personally as he copes with this fatal diagnosis and the effect on those around him as they are let in on his secret.  Each of the episodes is titled after and features a George Michael song, though a few other songs sneak in there such as CCR’s “Who’ll Stop the Rain”.  This keeps the drama light and allows for a few laughs.

The cast around Jonny Lee Miller is a good one with a number of fun, great and deep characters.  Natasha Henstridge plays the role of committed fiancée, for better or worse very well even though a few episodes and scenes I felt were not consistent with her character.  This is a common theme through all the characters and episodes, especially Eli.  There will be times when he is fully committed to life changing events and focusing on the good not the money, and then there are those where he is the same character he was at the beginning of the journey.  This would work if the character were not so committed to each side and we saw a bit more fluid ebb and flow to the peaks and valleys of “Old Eli” and “New Eli”.  James Saito as Eli’s inner voice is great, and provides the comic relief as Dr. Chen and some drama hailing Eli as a prophet of the New World.  Another character that I could not figure out was Lorretta Divine as the legal assistant to Eli.  Her never changing tone and ever-changing attitude towards Eli made me constantly wonder whose side she was on!  The witty banter she would use to try and zing at Eli just didn’t work with her delivery.

There is quite a bit of Bonus Material contained on this set.  I must admit bonus material is always one of my most favorite parts of any DVD.  The more materials and Easter eggs the more excited I am.  I love behind the scenes and blooper reels just because of what they are.

The more the merrier and this does not disappoint.  There are the obligatory commentaries and blooper reels, as well as the standard making of documentaries.

This set also delves into the special effects of the show, which are okay but not Lucas Arts quality by any means.  This DVD does have something that no others can boast and that is a set tour with Natasha Henstridge…need I say more?

Film:  6.0 Worth taking a look but the constant waffling and too much character development on the go makes it hard to tolerate for long.  Either commit or get off the pot!

Audio & Video: 7.0 Standard high quality ABC fare.

Bonus Material:  7.0 Probably rated this high because I am partial to the materials and Natasha but hey can you blame me?

Overall:  6.5

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