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September 3, 2008

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DVD Review
Published By: Paramount Vantage
Street Date: 8/26/08
Price: $19.99
U.S. Rating: PG-13

When I popped this DVD into my living room DVD player and settled down with the fam for what I anticipated to be a mildly amusing cute movie about a couple of kids making a movie about their hero.  Kinda like what we all wanted to do at a younger point in our lives, maybe some of us still do, no judging here as I may well be one of them!  Boy was I surprised once the movie was over.  Son of Rambow was amusing as I expected, but what I did not expect was to be moved and inspired.

This is a film about so many things and touches you on so many levels.  Kudos to writer Garth Jennings who masterfully wove together a story about brothers, both real and blood, and a story about faith and passion.  I would have to think this was something of a personal journey for Garth as well which is why it is so well done. 

To open the story we meet Will Proudfoot a young man who is a member of a brotherhood, a Puritan type church group that does not allow the young man the same experiences of other children his age.  As we see in the film Will is ostracized from the rest of the class because of his beliefs, when they are watching a documentary in class and he is excused since he is not allowed to watch television due to his religion.  While others are watching their favorite movie or television show Will is drawing, and drawing everywhere.  In his book, in the bathroom stall at school, and it is clear that each drawing means something.  Will is a deep thinker, one who is struggling to find himself after the sudden loss of his father.

We also meet Lee Carter who is the exact opposite of Will, a young man with no direction other than his own.  We find his father had “buggared” off while he was still young and his mom traveling with her new well to do husband, leaving Lee to his own devices under the dominating eye of his older brother.  When we meet Lee he is smoking a cigarette and bootlegging Rambo: First Blood, fairly advanced for a child the age of about 11.   There is also an interesting plot line introduced early on in the film with the French exchange students, which eventually ties into the overall story and also carries with it some meaningful bonds.  I won’t go into it more so as not to spoil the humorous and fun adventure and let you experience it for yourself along with Will and Lee.

I have mentioned a few times there were a number of messages carried here throughout the movie.  The most mentioned one was being brothers and what that means.  Will does not have a biological brother but does belong to a “Brotherhood”, where his life is sheltered and controlled.  Lee does have a biological brother who controls what he can do only as long as it is self-serving.  What Lee and Will find in each other and bring out of each other makes it hard for any viewer not to smile.  The lengths that these two go to in the effort to help each other finish making the film they had set out for was heartwarming.  The arch these characters go through is felt to be real and believable.

Another question that this film posed was the impact of the media on children.  At the beginning Will is not allowed to watch any television and once he does his personality changes and creates issues for him and his family life.  Was it bad for him to be watching television?  Does television and film truly have as profound an impact as this film made it seem?  As we see in the film it depends upon your point of view and what is most important to you.

The special features provided in this DVD package provide for some more great entertainment and a behind the scenes look at smaller budget filmmaking.  We get to see the short that inspired “Son of Rambow” and some commentary from the cast and crew themselves.

Film:  7.5 This was a highly entertaining movie that delivers both the laughs and moments.

Video: 8.0
Top quality video and I especially liked the usage of cartoon elements in with the film.

Audio:  7.0
The soundtrack was all 80’s music and diologue was interesting since the characters are British and therefore use a number of slang words unfamiliar to us Americans.

Bonus Material: 7.0 Bonus material while limited was fantastic.

Overall 7.2

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