Little League World Series 2008 DS Review

September 9, 2008

ChattahBox reviews Little League World Series on DSLittle League World Series 2008

Video Game Review
Platform: Nintendo DS
Publisher: Activision
Street Date: 08/07/2008
Rating: E- Everyone

Being a bit older than a little leaguer I went into this game thinking I had the advantage!  Proven wrong again did not come easy!  Little League World Series for the DS is a fun and challenging game.  Part of the challenge is playing it on the DS with the stylus and the other part is hitting.  Like simulating the running game in a video football game, hitting in a baseball game is very difficult to simulate, very few get it right and this one is not one of them.

The different modes available include Exhibition, World Series, Traning and Skill Challenges.  You can also play Home Run Derby, Horse and Bowling, which does not seem to work as well as the concept may have been.  Pehaps the best things about this game are in it’s simplicity, leaving the strategy of baseball to other games and following suit with some of the other games intended for a younger audience. 

This game has the ability to capture a wide ranging audience in my house of a teenager as well as a 4 year old.  As I mentioned the hitting can be difficult but the rest of the concepts are fairly simple to use and learn.

There were a few non-game, baseball purism things that I found wrong with the game such as a runner being thrown out a first when a ball is hit to the outfield.  This does happen more often in Little League but not enough that it should be allowed in any video game.  All in all this arcade baseball game is just that, a good time to go out and hit some home runs!

Graphics:  7.5 Better than most Nintendo Arcade baseball games

Audio: 7.0 Love the aluminum bat sound!

Gameplay:  6.5 Would bre rated higher if only it weren’t so frustrating to play on the DS with the stylus.  Better suited for other platforms such as the Wii.

Replay Value:  8.0 Every game is different and in this house when the rain hits baseball doesn’t have to stop!

Overall:  7.2

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