Dirty, Sexy, Money Season One DVD Review

September 15, 2008

ChattahBox reviews<br /> Dirty Sexy Money Seaosn One on DVDDirty, Sexy, Money Season One

DVD Review
Publisher: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Street Date: 9/16/08

Another in the line of ABC’s new series hits the streets on September 16 to catch you up on all the melodrama that is the Darling family and the tornado that has torn Nick George’s life apart.

Dirty, Sexy Money starring Donald Sutherland, William Baldwin, Jill Clayburgh and Blair Underwood as members of one of America’s richest families, The Darlings.

The Darlings are made up of Senator and Mrs. Darling, Donald Sutherland and Jill Clayburgh as the heads of a very dysfunctional 5 children.  The children Patrick, Karen, Rev. Brian, Jeremy and Juliet each have issues that require the services of a moral compass.

Enter Peter Krause as Nick George, America’s newest millionaire and the Darling family attorney.  Nick is not only a lawyer but also an honorary member of the Darling family having grown up with them.  Nick’s father is also his predecessor, having been the Darling family attorney for years and years prior to his death in a plane crash in Long Island Sound.  It is this plane crash that catapults Nick into a role he swore never to be in, but hey money is what this show is all about and everyone has a price.

Watching Dirty Sexy Money is like seeing the very things that were talked about in the Bible as the seven deadly sins.  Even though you may feel the need to go to confession after watching this DVD set it is still worth it.

Watching Nick bounce around at every beck and call of the Darling family and all the while try not to become the man he hated growing up, is fun to watch.  It also makes you wonder if the money and power truly corrupts absolutely and if this family was your example you would agree.

This DVD set contains all 10 episodes of the first season as well as a number of great bonus features.

There is an interesting take on the Making of the series and where the concepts came from as it focus’ on the inspiration for and creative minds behind the series.  A look at the concept of hiring a transgender person for the role of Candis Cayne is revealed in the section called “The Other Woman”.

Of course we have as always the bloopers and outtakes from the series included and offer some interesting looks at the cast.   One piece we don’t always see in these Bonus Features was included in the set visit where the design of the sets were covered and the costumes/ wardrobe covered in the features called Enter the Penthouse and Haute Coture respectively.

Film: 7.0 Even though I felt like I needed a bath afterward, Dirty Sexy Money is Dirty Sexy Fun

Audio: 8.0

Video: 8.0

Bonus Material: 7.5

Overall: 7.4

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