Iron Man Ultimate 2 Disc Edition DVD Review

September 15, 2008

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DVD Review
Publisher: Paramount Home Entertainment
Street Date: 9/30/0
US Rating: PG-13

Iron Man fans prepare!  Prepare not only to relive the smash hit film of the early summer, prepare to spend more than 6 hours with the Jon Faverau and Robert Downey Jr. as the process of making this icon comic hero into a full length feature film is documented on this new DVD Special Edition.

The film itself set us up for what was a summer full of superhero epics and this is the film that started it all.  Years and years in the making, bouncing between studios, writers, directors and stars it finally landed at Paramount with Jon Faverau at the helm and Robert Downey Jr. in the title role.  In better hands this project could not have been.  Jon brought a fan’s vision and as seen in the documentary “I am Iron Man” partnered with the creative genius’ behind the comics at Marvel to make certain that what he brought to the silver screen would be what the fans wanted to see.

The story follows billionaire idealist, engineer and weapons a manufacturer Tony Stark’s evolvement from a greedy selfish and careless person to the hero Iron Man.  The catalyst for Tony’s transformation is the experience of being captured by an Arab terrorist group known as the Ten Rings and their ability to obtain and use Tony’s weapons for the forces of evil.  The Ten Rings is at least to fans of the comic very well known adversary of Iron Man and should lead to further development of both Iron Man as he battles the evil that is The Ten Rings.

I think the most exciting part of the film was the potential it delivered, so many comic book ideals were presented, even with a passing remark, created the possibility of being further developed in future films.  An example is a remark made by Rhoddy who looks at the Mark II Iron Man suit and says “Next time”, could this mean that a future film will explore development of Rhoddy’s character to take on the mantle of Iron Man, because of Tony’s alcoholism?  Could the presence of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Furey leader of the group to be known as The Avengers mean that a future Avengers film is being planned?  Tony’s presence in the Incredible Hulk film seems to lead towards a yes but again only time will tell, in the meantime let the excitement mount!

The film was very well written and didn’t seem to lag too much in any one part as sometimes these movies can do.  Robert Downey Jr. was perfect for the role of both Tony Stark and Iron Man.  Gwenyth Paltrow’s return to the big screen in the role of Pepper Potts was also perfectly played, both as the assistant to Tony and his only woman who can penetrate his iron heart.  Jeff Bridges playing the evil Obadeiah worked very well as well.  He was an easy person to dislike as he sold the weapons to the terrorist organization the Ten Rings and created the army for Tony to fight.  I think one of the best things about the film is that it satisfies both the experienced Iron Man fan and those who have never read a single comic.

As I previously mentioned documentary covering the evolution of the making of the film is a 7 part piece called “I am Iron Man” covers all aspects of the film, from the writing of the script, to making the costume at Stan Winston’s shop and even Robert Downey Jr.’s screen test.  The deleted scenes including extended montage of the attack on the “Fun-Vee”, the battle on the rooftop at the end of the film are all worth a look.  A view of the visual effects and how Iron Man was brought to life is covered in the section called “Wired” and is a fascinating look at how computer graphics have evolved into what we see in this film.  A review of the process that actor’s need to go through to find the character’s they play in a film is covered in the section called, “The Actor’s Process”.  In this section Robert Downey Jr. talks about what he had to do to bring a character familiar to the world already to life and how he fought to stay true to his roots to ensure the fan’s satisfaction.

This DVD is well worth the time and money for every fan of the film and comic book.

Film: 8.0

Audio: 8.0

Video: 8.0

Bonus Material: 8.5

Overall: 8.3

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