Samantha Who Season One DVD Review

September 15, 2008

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DVD Review
Publisher: Buena Vista Entertainment
Street Date: 9/23/08

It’s official Christina Applegate is back and better than ever!  Christina is fantastic in the role of Samantha a woman who was the victim of an accident and ended up in an eight-day coma and after waking up suffering from amnesia.  She has no knowledge of her family, friends job and must re-learn everything about herself, unfortunately what she learns she does not like!

The different dynamics brought to the series by the supporting cast is also very well done.  Samantha is surrounded by people who want to help her regain her knowledge of her past, unfortunately they each have selfish reasons for wanting to do so.  Upon waking up Samantha returns home with her mother and father and while this may seem like the best place to figure yourself out, you don’t have Sam’s parents!  Jean Smart plays Regina, Sam’s mother who wants desperately to have a relationship with her daughter, and this amnesia is just the thing to make her forget about their past issues.  Jean is very funny and plays very well off of Christina and vice versa.

Same goes for the return of Barry Watson to prime time as Sam’s ex-boyfriend Todd.  When Sam wakes up she is introduced to Todd as her boyfriend and she is excited because of everything Todd is, only to learn she cheated on Todd and they broke up just before the accident.  Now she must find a way to prove she is a new person and not the “Old Samantha” and win back the man of her dreams.  Proving that she is not the old Samantha is a difficult thing to do when you are getting some good and some not so good advice from friends.  Sam’s best friend Andrea tries to pick up where they left off partying, drinking, seeking out rich men to buy them things, all in all queens of the castle, but that is old Sam and who she doesn’t want to be, but sometimes can’t help herself I mean after all it is who she was.  She also gets advice from another old friend who she left hanging when she went off to hang with the cool kids in high school.  Dena also takes advantage of the amnesia situation to have a “cool” friend like Samantha.  Dena is the angel on her shoulder throughout the series always giving her good advice and finding ways to better her life.  The angel and devil that Dena and Andrea are drive Samantha to do and think in different ways and is a lot of fun to watch.

While I had not seen this series previously watching this set has made me excited for the upcoming season.  This is a great series with a great cast and I see it only getting better.

The DVD set does include all 15 episodes from the first season as well as some Bonus Materials which are limited.  Only a few commentaries, Blooper reels and Deleted scenes are present which are not terribly entertaining but do make you laugh a bit.

Film:  8.0

Audio: 8.0

Video: 8.0

Bonus Material: 6.0

Overall: 7.3

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