Transformers Two Disc Special Edition Blu-ray Review

September 23, 2008

ChattahBox reviews<br /> Transformers<br />  on Blu-rayTransformers: Two Disc Special Edition

Blu-Ray Review
Publisher: Paramount Home Entertanment
Street Date: 9/2/08
US Rating: PG-13

If you ever needed a reason to go out and buy a Blu-Ray player, I give you Transformers.  This film which hit theatres in 2007 and allowed the fan-boys to relieve some of their childhood explodes off of your television in this new Blu-Ray format.

The film itself is Michael Bay’s adaptation of the Transformers cartoon series from the 1980’s, featuring the Autobots and Deceptacons.  This film does a great job of satisfying all viewers, those familiar with the series and those who have no idea who Optimus Prime is.  The film centers around Shia LeBouf’s character Sam who is desperate to be someone and much like what we saw with Peter Parker in the original Spiderman movie he thinks a sweet ride will win him a starring role in the eyes of Mikaela, Meghan Fox.  Only he gets more than he bargains for when he purchases his slightly used yellow Camaro, as this turns out to be the Transformer Bumblebee who was sent to Earth to begin the search for the All-Spark.  The All-Spark is a device that allows man made machines to turn to life, and wouldn’t you know it Sam has a pair of spectacles that allow finding the All-Spark easier!  As the search for this device ramps up so do the number of people…er I mean machines looking for it.  In addition to Bumblebee, part of the good guy faction of the Autobots we learn that a number of Deceptacons, the bad guys, are looking for it too.  The result is an Earth scorching battle that only Michael Bay could produce.

All and all the film itself was only okay.  It did a fine job of introducing the Transformers world onto a live action big screen event.  I can only hope that similar to what we saw in other sequels this year, the 2009 sequel to this will produce a deeper film experience.  We know both Sam and Mikaela will be returning as Shia LeBouf and Meghan Fox are on board already, and I am interested to see the characters both real and mechanical develop into a great sequel.

Now it is worth noting that the film itself is not the star of this disc.  What is the star is the visuals themselves.  Having been one of the movies stuck in a war of formats (HD DVD vs Blu-Ray) and ultimately now being released on the surviving Blu-Ray format I can only say it was worth the wait.  The images created on the screen are filled with color, crystal clear and deep that even the most minute detail of sand is recognized on this version.  In addition to the visuals presented on this disc we also have the Dolby TrueHD 5.1 audio which almost makes you want to take cover during any of the films explosions or whenever shots are fired.

If the film and technology this film presents were not enough to encourage you to purchase this disc perhaps the second disc full of Bonus Material goodies will do it for you.  This set contains a ton of stuff that takes you beyond the film itself and into how the reality of a live action Transformers film came to be.  In the “Our World” segment we go behind the scenes with the cast and crew of the Transformers film to get their take on this epic film.  This is a four part section during which we hear from Michael Bay himself as well as commentaries from many others on the film and we get to see where some of the inspiration came from in the original cartoon series. The segment “Their War” gives us a look at how the military donated their time and expertise to help Michael Bay make this film as realistic as possible, what walking talking robots that turn into cars aren’t real?  The final segment “More Than Meets the Eye” takes the old phrase from the old cartoon series and uses it to dive into the segments filmed in the desert scenes during one of the more exciting parts of the film in the Skorponok Desert Attack”, some of the concept art and theatrical trailers as well.

Film: 7.0

Audio: 9.0

Video: 9.0

Bonus Material: 8.0

Overall: 8.1

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