Shrek the Third Blu-Ray Review

October 6, 2008

ChattahBox reviews Shrek the Third Blu-RayShrek the Third

Blu-Ray Review
Paramount Home Entertainment
Street Date: 9/23/08
Price: $29.99

US Rating: PG

So now even the ogres are turning Blu!  Shrek the Third, the third film in the Shrk series (could you tell?) comes out on Blu-Ray on September 23.  As the third film in a series you may want to call it a trilogy.  I hesitate to because lately if franchises are doing well enough they no longer stop at three.

By now we have all seen the Shrek films and most of us have a pretty basic idea what the film is, a collection of warped fairy tales for kids with a bit of adult humor mixed in.  We have our stars of the film repeating as Shrek (Mike Myers), Fiona (Cameron Diaz), Donkey (Eddie Murphy) and even Puss N Boots (Antonio Banderas).  This I must say is a benefit of the franchise’s success, when the original stars continue to come back to voice over their characters.  It keeps the films integrity true and intact, which I believe has played a role in the films success as well if you understand my circular logic there.

The third Shrek follows our characters through another wild adventure where we learn that Shrek will be taking over the kingdom and have a baby!  Okay pretty basic plotline but the adventures we get to go along with are a lot more fun than just that.  We get to meet the evil Prince Charming (Ruprett Everett) and a noble knight Arthur (Justin Timberlake) and a host of other characters, in fact maybe too many characters.  This seems to be the one draw back to these films is that this one tries too hard to do too many things that it has a hard time staying true to itself, or what it wants to be.  It does take talent to blend the humor for the kiddies and adults and this film does okay with that.

This having been my first cartoon-ish film to see on Blu-Ray I have to say how impressed I was with the quality of the video.  I knew Blu-Ray would enhance the film but I was still impressed with the quality output.  The audio for the Shrek films always includes some great music and this was no slouch, the audio too received a boost from the 5.1 Dolby sound.

The thing these Shrek films tend to do as well if not better than anyone else is the Bonus Features.  There is always a ton of good stuff to watch after the movie to keep the stories, laughs and songs going.  This disc contained a number of excellent materials, such as Merlin’s Crystal Ball, which the kids get to “interact” with one of the films characters.  Or Learn the Donkey Dance, which again uses the music the films are known for and you can learn to dance like the Donkey.

There are a number of really great adult oriented features, I say that not because they are inappropriate, just because my 4 year old wouldn’t sit through it all but I did.  They included a segment called Meet the Cast, where we get to hear about the films from the stars perspectives.   Shrek Tech which outlined just how the film was made and all the computer graphics that go into the film.  Also along the same lines was a segment called The Animators Corner.  In this section we get to see the movie all over again but this time with the pre-feature storyboards rather than the finished product.

There are a ton more and definitely worth taking the time to tour through!

Film: 6.5

Audio: 8.0

Video: 8.0

Bonus Material:8.0

Overall: 7.5

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