LEGO Batman Wii Review

October 19, 2008

ChattahBox LEGO Batman Wii ReviewLEGO Batman

Wii Review
Platform: Wii
Price: 9/23/08
Rating:  E- Everyone

If there was ever a Batman game parents and kids could get behind and play together this is it!  While the premise for this LEGO game differs from prior incarnations of the LEGO games it is just as if not more fun!  As we have seen in the Star Wars and Indiana Jones versions of the LEGO games the storyline follows the premise from the movies.  In Star Wars you can follow the adventures of Luke and the gang from Episodes 4, 5 or 6 or Anikin and Obi Wan in Episodes 1, 2 or 3.  In LEGO Batman we have no such rules.  The storyline is unique and therefore allows more to be able to happen.

Of course the characters you know and expect are present, Batman and Robin as the heroes, Joker, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze and Riddler are the primary villains.  Again being able to allow the characters the freedom to develop and wander around the history and lore that is the Batman franchise is what makes this incarnation so much fun.  As we have seen in previous LEGO adaptations the game never takes itself too seriously, instead we see a very stoic Batman and Robin acting a fool, all the while the villains run amok. The best thing of all though is the depth of the cast of characters that exist beyond the basics outlined above.  The unlockable heroes and villains keep you coming back for more!

As the game opens we are in control of Batman and Robin and must catch the villains as they begin to plot their crimes against the civilians of Gotham City.  Batman and Robin are armed with various costumes and tools at their disposal, (some which are off the wall even by Batman standards) to catch these sinister criminals.  In the second half of the game we are allowed to control the villains.  This is the fun part.  We get to control them and help them try to thwart Batman and destroy Gotham with their dastardly deeds!
The gameplay itself does follow the formula that has been present with the prior incarnations of the LEGO universe.  As before we have the same trouble making a jump from one spot to another, completing a puzzle or figuring out where to go or what to do next.  These things you would think have been improved from the prior versions but unfortunately they have not.  I will still need to help my little guy get to the next level.  (No real complaints here!)

The visuals presented in the game too are nothing new or special.  Instead the backgrounds are given a bit more realism to them than the characters and the items the characters interact with.  That is to say that they are not made of LEGO.  The music and audio in the game were pulled directly from the soundtracks created by Danny Elfman for the first couple movies made by Tim Burton.  While the music is recognizable and comfortable it does get old after a while.

Overall this is a great addition to the LEGO series and the Batman legend.  It is a great game to play with the little ones or with your buddies when you want a good time and a few good laughs.

Graphics: 8.0

Audio: 6.5

Gameplay: 6.5

Replay Value: 8.0

Overall: 7.3

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