Essential Dinosaur Pack DVD Review

November 1, 2008

ChattahBox Essential Dinosaur Pack DVD ReviewEssential Dinosaur Pack

DVD Review
Publisher: Image Entertainment
Street Date: October 7, 2008

Dinosaur lovers unite in applause for this latest two-disc release containing all of their specials on the prehistoric creatures.  These two discs contain seven episodes previously aired on the Discovery Channel.

Journey back in time to learn all you can about the Tyrannosaurs Rex in the first two episodes Valley of the T Rex and T Rex: New Science New Beast.  In the first episode, Valley of the T Rex we meet and follow Paleontologist Jack Horner as he discuss’ his findings of Tyrannosaurs Rex skeletons and what they mean to the true meaning of the animal we know so well as T-Rex.  His findings tell a story that is contrary to our beliefs of the giant prehistoric beast.  This feature includes a full history on all aspects of the T Rex, from brain function to finding a tailbone or juvenile T-Rex with his team in the Montana deserts.

The next special T Rex New Science New Beast we meet a number of paleontologists some of whom had been students of Jack Horner and have gone on to make startling discoveries on their own redefining the concepts and beliefs we hold to be true about T Rex.  This episode brought to light new theories on the age and physical characteristics of the animal by using modern day technologies and modern animals.

When Dinosaurs Roamed America, an episode narrated by John Goodman takes a broader view of all dinosaurs and what the earth looked like about 225 million years ago.  What the dinosaurs looked and behaved like and how they were built is examined in great detail.  This episode discuss’ the evolution of not only the animals during the Triassic and Jurassic Periods of history but also how the creatures roamed the lands during these periods evolved as well as how the land itself changed throughout the prehistoric periods.

The episode called Utah’s Dino Graveyard focus’ on the remains found of a creature believed to have evolved into raptors and more modern birds, called Therizinosaur.  The episode follows James Kirkland and his team who are searching the desert in Utah to find as many bones in this region as possible.  The episode also goes into great detail to detail the findings of the Therizinosaur both here in the United States and abroad and what those finds concluded in the reconstruction of the animal.

For those dinosaur lovers and those even mildly interested in the animals this is a fantastic collection. I found this to be especially good for the littler ones in the room who may not know as much about the prehistoric periods, though I would caution you that it may scare some of the youngest audiences.

Film: 6.0

Audio: 6.5

Video: 6.5

Bonus Material: N/A

Overall: 6.3

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