Rant: Fox News debuts a new flavor – The truth

March 24, 2009

(Chattahbox) — During an interview on NPR yesterday, Bill Shine, the Senior VP of Programming for Fox News was at pains to explain that his network is ‘the voice of opposition to the Obama administration.’ Which may well be the first example of honest, coherent reporting to be espoused by that risible assemblage of bourgeois buffoons in longer than most of us would care to conceive.

“With this particular group in power right now, and the honeymoon they’ve had from other media, it makes it a little easier to be the voice of opposition” he explained. For reasons beyond all comprehension, since President Obama was elevated to office, Fox has scored ratings far above those recorded by CNN or MSNBC, their main, and comparatively spittle-free rivals. But it’s not hard to see how; A recent study discovered that 39% of the delusional demographic that comprises their audience are hard-core Republicans; And when your entire existence is founded on preaching to people so cognitively challenged they truly believe George Bush  deserved their support, scoring numbers like that is not a laudable feat but irrefutable proof of a pandemic illness. Here is a man who began a war we didn’t need, against an enemy we didn’t have, to stop an attack that wasn’t coming, using weapons that never even existed as parts. And Fox was his doting disciple on every malfeasance step of the blood-spattered voyage.

Now blessedly removed from an office to which their right of ascension can be hotly disputed, the GOP are reduced to ineffectual observers, which leaves their supporters with few sources for comfort. Thus, Fox has become their oasis.  According to Mr Shine, the resultant explosion in overall ratings is due to them taking a skeptical view of the new CEO; And despite being a Fox employee, that would seem to be true; Most of the country is now in the grip of the his network’s favorite, black-hearted villain – the liberals. And the more irrelevant the GOP grows, the more their supporters despise their replacement. And Fox gleefully serves them fresh bile.

The anchor of ‘Fox News Sunday’, Chris Wallace recently explained to reporters that his network’s practice is to simply take a contrary look at a popular President, and that the Obama administration clearly agree they are getting fair treatment as Fox’s reporters are still granted full access. It may be helpful to remember, however, that a kind invitation to drink from the well does not grant permission to spit at the host.

By declaring themselves the current incumbent’s implacable foes their ratings may rise, but their credence is worthless. And as a governing credo, ‘Fair and Balanced’ is wholly defiled. But of one thing we can all be regrettably sure; As Mr. Obama’s agenda proceeds and this country recovers, Mr. O’Reilly and others will be crying and drooling all the way to the bank.


One Response to “Rant: Fox News debuts a new flavor – The truth”

  1. Carl Jack on March 24th, 2009 7:58 pm

    Not really a fan of FOX, have hard time listening to all the knee-jerk responses, but how is it such a big problem that they are in oposition to the current administration positions in a free society? My own view of FOX is that they are more entertainment based, their news division is there to make money & they feel they have an audience. Clearly they have reached their intended audience.
    I am a little amazed that MSMBC is being touted in this rank as a higher level. Seriously, how do you tell the difference between FOX & MSNBC approach beyond the obvious political spectrum dicodomy? Have you listened to Keith O? I fail to see any difference between Keith O and Bill O’R, they are tow sides of a bad penny. I listened to the newer anchor Rachel on MSNBC and she is easily as inaccurate as FOX.
    I give CNN credit for recently trying to seize the middle ground and become more neutral in assuming both sides of these various positions have something to say. Really not a MSM basher but situation is that the old days of some sense of proportion are gone. The Democrats are proving themselves no better than the Republicans while in power. The greed culture combined with oversided egos is just too much.

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