New York Times Fires Ben Stein Over Commercial Spots

August 7, 2009

US (ChattahBox) – It looks like Ben Stein is going to have to try and win back some of his own money, after the New York Times dropped his business column over his endorsement of a company that has been criticized as sleazy, dishonest, and unnecessary.

You may have seen the Ben Stein commercials for, but if not, allow me to show you:

Given his position as an economist, it isn’t surprising that he has been fired. After all, is just another company that claims to offer you free access to your credit report (which you can do for free from the government here once a year, by the way), and then charges you to see your actual score.

I think Felix Salmon said it best in his Reuters report:

“Stein, here, has become a predatory bait-and-switch merchant, dangling a “free” credit report in front of people so that he can sock them with a massive monthly fee for, essentially, doing nothing at all. Naturally, the people who take him up on this offer will be those who can least afford it.”



2 Responses to “New York Times Fires Ben Stein Over Commercial Spots”

  1. Pedro J Lara on August 10th, 2009 3:38 am

    The only thing sleazy here is the New York Times. They have been trying to find a way to fire Ben Stein for years. He speaks the truth and everyone over at the New York Times have been trying to find a way to fire him and now they got there chance. The New York Times are a bunch of liberal jerks. With there Im right and youre wrong so shut up aditude.

  2. Cordy Jones on August 10th, 2009 12:43 pm

    Gee Pedro, what a freaking hypocrite! Did you even bother to read what you just wrote? What you just accused the Times of fits the attitude of what you just wrote perfectly. And unfortunately this is the attitude of most right-wing conservative puppets. Instead of trying to have a civilized discussion of things, they attack, accuse, vilify, denigrate, then just walk away feeling full of themselves. And in fairness, this is also the tactic of some on the far left, too, but on the right it has become the standard operating procedure for a much greater and louder number.

    So don’t bother to look at the facts, such as reports that is a borderline scam operation. Not to mention possible conflict of interest. And probably more legitimate issues if we had the time to do research.

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