Glenn Beck: Obama’s Czars Want to ‘Shut Down’ Fox News and Right-Wing Talk Radio

September 15, 2009

(ChattahBox)—Glenn Beck appeared on Fox News’ Fox and Friends on Tuesday morning to lament the media’s coverage of ACORN. According to Beck, Fox News and right-wing talk radio are the protectors of our Democratic Republic.

Beck also ventured into the paranoid falsehood that President Obama has plans to shut down the Fox News network.

Beck sat down with the fun hosts of Fox and Friends this morning, equipped with his ACORN chart showing the amount of coverage other networks devoted to coverage of the organization of community activists for the poor.

Beck then veered into paranoid delusion territory:

“If it wasn’t for Fox or talk radio we’d be done as a republic. We’d be done! There are people in the administration — two of the president’s czars — that want to shut down the voices of talk radio and Fox and make it all NPR,” said Beck.

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2 Responses to “Glenn Beck: Obama’s Czars Want to ‘Shut Down’ Fox News and Right-Wing Talk Radio”

  1. Old Man Dotes on September 15th, 2009 7:19 pm

    Never mind Obama’s “Czars,” *I* want to shut down Glenn Beck, Faux News, and the lying bastards who call themselves “Right wing talk radio,” in that order.

    I have no problem with honest opinions of people who are interested in the good of the country and of their fellow Americans, but Beck, Fox, and the various Limbaugh clones exist solely to enrich themselves by stirring up the stupid and the ignorant by telling them lies. Sure, it worked for Hitler, but that doesn’t make it an ethical nor moral choice.

  2. Shanna on October 23rd, 2009 6:40 pm

    Old Man Dotes: Though I don’t believe that Obama really has said anything about shutting down any news programs… and even if you don’t agree with what Beck, Fox or Rush says there is a thing in in the United States Constitution called free speech and freedom of the press. So whether you agree or not, or whether you think they’re “Hitler” or not, they have a right to they’re say as does anyone else.

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