Why Glenn Beck’s SNL Rantings Are Unrealistic

October 2, 2009

US (ChattahBox) – Glenn Beck has made an impassioned speech on the air about the cost of fame, and Saturday Night Live’s apparent involvement with ‘Them’, and their attempts to destroy him. Sadly, it came off more as a paranoid rant of a man with a great deal of inflated self-importance, than inspiring.

Obviously, I am not a fan of Glenn Beck. I am not going to pretend that my views of him are biased, and that my comments on this blog have followed that thread. I feel it is fair game, considering HE is a media talking head who does nothing but spout unbiased opinions all day long. This is commentary, it is fine.

But, even from the perspective of a supporter, you have to wonder about this guy. He is now believing that SNL is pulling a ‘Sarah Palin’, and working in league with a mysterious group that is out to destroy him. According to Beck, SNL was the only reason that Palin had such awful publicity, a point that makes little sense when you consider two things:

1). She was already being eaten alive before they finally did an impersonation, and…

2). She was on the show herself, as was John McCain, which was an iffy political move, but politics have gone all sorts of crazy in the last year.

Here are some excerpts from the show, in which Beck spoke about how hard it is being famous, and how SNL is on a crusade, because they do what comedy shows tend to and impersonated him, a vocal and controversial member of the media:

“You know what, many days like today, quite honestly, I got up and I thought, I don’t know how much longer I can do this. I’m tired. I’m tired of the thought of someone always constantly out to get you. Constantly, do you have any idea what it’s like to, I don’t talk in restaurants anymore. I can’t talk in restaurants, because somebody is listening.

“Somebody will take anything I say, take it and twist it out of context. I can’t go out in public with my family anymore, that’s crazy talk, that’s crazy, so go ahead because quite honestly, I know when my job’s done, my job’s done and whatever happens, I’ll just go back to my regular life.

“But I will tell you this, I’ll admit to my mistakes, but I do believe he is right. It is only a matter of time before they find a way to destroy me, and that’s fine, and they are going to try to use me to intimidate you, because anybody else gets out of line that will happen to you too.

“Don’t think what happened to Sarah Palin didn’t go through my mind when I saw my character on Saturday Night Live, and we all laughed and my wife said, my gosh, they have you down, I mean that is really, even your mannerisms and your moves. Don’t think that I didn’t feel like oh gosh, they’re going to Sarah Palin me. That’s what they want you to understand, you get out of line, we’ll destroy you. Bring it on Jack, I don’t really care.”

Even for someone on his side, this should all be a little hard to swallow. SNL is not trying to do anything but get ratings, and make people laugh. These are the two major points to most comedy shows. They were also not responsible for the fall of Sarah Palin, that is ridiculous. Beck is going to be impersonated, and is going to be ‘Sarah Palined’ because that is what SNL has always done, and Beck is one of many targets that will get a little egg on his face.

As for going out in public, he chose a life in the limelight. Fame comes with all of those things, whether you are a controversial radio host, a television presenter, the latest pop princess, or the star of WB’s most recent insipid teen drama. You have to be careful of what you say in public, or deal with the consequences of what you say.

Either way, you may want to stop whining.



3 Responses to “Why Glenn Beck’s SNL Rantings Are Unrealistic”

  1. Old Man Dotes on October 2nd, 2009 12:26 pm

    Let’s see…

    Beck chose to enter the broadcasting business, and put himself before the public. Check.

    Beck chose to air the views of a racist, bigoted, hatemonger, and obtained a larger audience the cheap way. Check.

    Beck is being lampooned by comedians, who tend to lampoon anyone who lends themself to it by becoming a public figure (including rock stars, movie stars, politicians, and other assorted lunatics). Check

    Beck is whining about the obvious and foreseeable results of the career choices he has made. Tough shit. Check.

    Beck demonstrates that he is a paranoid racist bigot, just to remove any doubt that might possibly exist. Check.

    Next step: Resign from broadcasting, write a book about how you got to be such a douchebag, and go on the neo-Nazi speaking circuit.

  2. Roy Jones on October 2nd, 2009 1:30 pm

    Never in history has such an idiot received so much attention. Ignorant conservative-radio talking heads and sarcastic FOX news liars have taken all credibility away from American media. The whole world must be laughing at what they see. They have completely bad-mouth embarrassed our president.

  3. Tomboys on October 4th, 2009 5:16 am

    Beck should feel honored that SNL is doing a parody of him. That means he’s hit the big time. Didn’t hurt O’Reilly’s career when Jeff Richards did a brilliant impersonation of him. To this day it’s one of my favorite clips.

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