Jon Gosselin Accused of Stealing Hundreds Of Thousands From Joint Account

October 5, 2009

US (ChattahBox) – Jon Gosselin has been on a campaign to save his image, which has been rather damaged since his separation from Kate, and his relationship with a 22-year-old. But he may have just damaged it beyond repair.

Just hours after an interview with Larry King where he claimed that he was wanting to try mediation, to be friends with his ex-wife, Jon was allegedly secretly emptying out his and Kate’s joint checking account, taking hundreds of thousands of dollars.

He left her with only $1,000.

While it has been pointed out that a checking account for the children was not touched, the joint account was the one that Kate uses to pay off household bills, the costs of which are high with eight children in tow.

The two-faced move was not only immature, vindictive, and harmful to his family, but greedy and illegal, as well.

Taking the money was a violation of heir arbitration agreement, sources allegedly told RadarOnline, which could be enough to tip things in Kate’s favor.

She has filed papers demanding the money be returned.

Hopefully Jon hasn’t spent it on another car for his gold digging girlfriend.



4 Responses to “Jon Gosselin Accused of Stealing Hundreds Of Thousands From Joint Account”

  1. Edi on October 5th, 2009 12:31 pm

    TLC or any network, else PLEASE give this woman her own show!!! Here is why I ask:

    1.) Mothers (good mothers) watch the show to get tips from this amazing mother.
    I thought I was good, but she is a SUPER MOM.

    2.) Single mothers can now relate to her now. Therefor, EVERYONE can relate.
    If you’re married, there is married Kate, if your single, we now have single Kate
    and all the WONDERFUL new adventures that await her. Trust me Kate when the dust settles, there is a whole new world out there waiting for you, including
    DATING !!!

    3.) ALL races of women relate to Kate (me being Black), the universal appeal to
    her is MOTHERHOOD !

    4.) Last but NOT least, I want her to have her own show independent of the kids
    only because, Jon will have NOT access to it. He will NOT be able to steal this
    one. You will have to give him a loan soon Kate!

    Jon Gosselin- you just showed your TRUE colors when you stole money form your family. If anyone was unclear why you want the kids off the show, they now know. It’s all about money for you. Kate Plus 8 will not be lucrative for you, therefor you are using your power as a Dad to throw a tantrum.

    Kate- Keep taking the high road. I have been there. Say NOTHING negative about their Father. Children grow up to be adults. They will ask themselves : who did what was in OUR best interest? Keep being an amazing mother Kate. Your lovely children are proof of that. Can’t wait for your new show!!!

  2. Kathleen on October 6th, 2009 4:15 am

    In the beginning I wasn’t fond of the show mostly due to the fighting (and also from knowing things from living in Reading, that the TV public doesn’t know). BUT since they have split, I really enjoy the show. Kate you are doing a great job, you don’t need him. He was brining you down. He now showing you and everyone else what a total loser he is. Also, as a victim of theft from an ex, even if the police (Reading would not arrest my ex) don’t do anything, please do what I did: go to the DA and file private charges if you choose to go that route, which you should. He can have his half, he can’t take yours!
    Continue to make your children proud! They will learn better from you.

  3. Rick on October 6th, 2009 6:53 am

    Most divorce attorneys will tell you the same thing: first one to grab the cash from a joint account wins. While it may be distasteful, this is standard operating procedure in any divorce proceeding that is contentious. Eventually someone grabs the money.

    If Kate’s lawyers had been a bit sharper they would have told her the same thing. At the very least she should have grabbed a chunk of it and dropped it into an individual account for safekeeping.

  4. Mary on October 6th, 2009 1:54 pm

    You need to take the High Road in this mess. Be there for your children and let the Lawyers do their job. Let them protect you and your kids becuse this guy dosen’t care if you and your kids live in a ditch and eat out of a trash can.
    This guy sure is different from the one that cheated on you becuse he did not want to be in the lime light… Now he and his scrub of a girlfriend are all over the place.
    This guy never was much of a man from the start as everyone could clearly see. It was you that kept everything going , not cry baby Jon.

    Get soul Custody of your kids with limited supervised visatation for him… The kind that is in the social services office for the good of the children. This guy is out of control and no telling what could happen to the children at this point with him the way he is.

    Get full control of the Home you are living in now and give him the old house. Sock him with BIg Time Child Support and Alimoney ( since he dosen’t want you to work). Make him provide full Medical and Dental coverage as well as make him cover the school costs and the Mortage and insurance on the home as well and the Maintanince and up keep.
    Never let him claim the Kids on his taxes ( they are living with you so you should claim every one of them) Give away none of your tax rights regading the kid’s( not even one) … Been there and done that and learned the hard way.

    Make your kids lives 10 times better then when he was there… They will grow up to Love and trust you and they will know who the selfish arrogent fooll was.

    Hope you find a great guy down the line that loves you and will be a man your boy’s will want to grow up to be and the kind of guy your girls look for in a mate for life..

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