Widening Tiger Woods Scandal: And Then There Were Six

December 6, 2009

(ChattahBox)— The Tiger Woods cheating scandal continues. According to the current tabloid tally, six former mistresses of Tiger have emerged. And true to the developing narrative, they are all seem to be either cocktail waitresses or Las Vegas “models.” Rounding out Tiger’s group of sexual playmates at number five, is Mindy Lawton, 34, a rough around the edges diner waitress. Lawton is a bit of departure from Tiger’s norm, since she slings hash and not high-priced cocktails. And number six is Cori Rist, a Manhattan clubgoer, who is described by the NY Daily News as a “delicious blond.”

The only question now is: How many more Tiger Mistresses are lurking in the woodwork? It’s thought that the number may soon grow to at least nine.

So, who is Cori Rist? According to several sources quoted by a piece in the NY Daily News, she is a regular at some of Manhattan’s swankiest clubs and she apparently met Tiger last year at Butter.

“They went on to another party,” said an unnamed “insider.” “One thing led to another and, pretty soon, Tiger was flying her to hook up with him on tour.” “Tiger would typically get a large suite at a hotel. Someone would book Cori an adjacent room, so she wouldn’t be seen coming into his room,” according to this insider.

According to Rist’s friends, she soon grew tired of being flown around to spend weekends stashed away in expensive presidential suites, to have sex with Tiger. She began to feel like “…a bird in a gilded cage.,” because Tiger “…never wanted to leave the room.”

When asked to confirm her former relationship with Tiger, she had no comment, but she didn’t deny the stories. An unnamed “buddy” of Tiger’s claims Rist is “…just the tip of the iceberg.”

The tawdry tale of Tiger’s dalliances with diner waitress Mindy Lawton, strikes a different tone. According to a breathless piece published in the Daily Mail, Lawton met Tiger in 2006 at a breakfast diner near his Orlando mansion, named Perkins, frequented by Woods and his wife Elin.

Woods’ wife was pregnant at the time. And Lawton says she had frequent sexual encounters with the world’s greatest golfer in various rooms in his Florida home, including the garage, but never in his bedroom.

Lawton claims that Woods was “very well endowed” and “knows his way around the bedroom.”

“If it was early in the morning and Tiger was going away for a tournament he would call me up for quick, urgent sex and I was happy to oblige,” said Lawton. After a while, Lawton said she knew the affair was nearing its end, when Tiger stopped asking her to his home, and used her for quick romps in the back seat of his Cadillac Escalade. Tiger apparently dumped Lawton for Jamie Grubbs of MTV’s “Tool Time” Fame, who now works in a medical marijuana cafe.

And finally, Lawton brings us perhaps the tackiest quote of the week from one of Tiger’s mistresses: “It must be awful for her to know her husband was going behind her back for sex with so many girls… She must feel very dirty knowing that when he was trying for a baby with her he was having sex with me,” said Lawson.

Apparently Lawton didn’t feel dirty. She told the Daily Mail that she fell in love with the philandering Woods.


5 Responses to “Widening Tiger Woods Scandal: And Then There Were Six”

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  4. Pierre F. Lherisson on December 11th, 2009 5:03 pm

    Tiger Woods is the Victim.–“Big Time”

    Let’s look at the facts objectively:
    1-Tiger’s rights were violated when his wife searched for names and phone number of the suspicious characters on his Blackberry Address Book.
    2-By creating a public scene, she opened the current Pandora box which might have some far reaching consequences for them. Why she apparently failed to control her impulses?
    3-Let’s suppose that the wife had good reasons to believe that Tiger has been unfaithful to her; she had the choice to walk out; she could get a divorce. She chose to assaulted him while his vehicle was in motion; thereby, damaged his car and put his life and other people lives in jeopardy as he was fleeing instead of assaulting her.
    4-The case was not investigated properly. The wife was not arrested; the media keeps a selective mutism about her violent actions.
    5-To add insult to injuries, police slap Tiger with a $164 fine. Why police fined Tiger if they failed to gather the pertinent facts regarding the so called accident.
    6-Could you imagine if it were Tiger who assaulted her, and damaged her car, even if she committed blatant serial adultery, the authorities would grant her an immediate order of protection against Tiger. Police would have Tiger incarcerated the same way they did for O.J. Simpson. Tiger would have been portrayed in the media as a senseless and wicked criminal or even taxed as an animal.
    7-The questions are:
    Why tiger is still in seclusion?
    Why Tiger does not have an order of protection yet? This is a double standard.
    8- Why the wife just bought a Two million dollars house in her country few days before or after the incident? Usually people don’t buy house overnight. Is it a coincidence?

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