Elizabeth Edwards Wants To Meet Her Husband’s New Child

January 5, 2010

(ChattahBox) – Elizabeth Edwards has decided that it is time that she and her husband John met his illegitimate daughter from his mistress Rielle Hunter.

The fallen from grace politician has been in negotiations with the woman he banged while his wife was in remission from cancer for child support.
The negotiations have been breaking down, however, with Hunter getting greedy and asking for more money, at around $18,000 per month, plus the house Edwards bought her back in August, which he now refuses to allow her to live in.

The Edwards are obviously worried that some details will start leaking as to the courting and conception of little Frances Quinn Hunter, especially in court, and so they are working on some damage control.

Elizabeth is ‘encouraging’ her husband to pay the monthly amount. By ‘encouraging’ I will assume she has twisted his balls in a vice grip until he agrees. It’s what I would do.

She is also now saying that the 22-month-old should have a relationship with her father, a sharp turn around from her blatant denial of the little girl’s paternity.

Isn’t it wonderful when good acts have such transparent motives?



4 Responses to “Elizabeth Edwards Wants To Meet Her Husband’s New Child”

  1. Sandra Reese on January 5th, 2010 2:40 pm

    I feel so sorry for Elizabeth Edwards as Reille Hunter is just wanting to be greedy about the whole matter. She is a wonderful personand does not deserve all of this on her plate. I was a big supporter of John Edwards back in 2004 and 2008 but I guess I was wrong when I trusted him. Cate, Emma Claire and Jack do not need this part in their life especially now. Hope Elizabeth lives a long time so they have a mother they can depend upon in their lives.

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  4. NatTurner on January 7th, 2010 12:17 pm

    I just read about the daliances of our founding fathers. We actually have a former president on our money that fathered a child while having an affair, and favored this child over his daughter with his wife. Time has certainly changed huh? We embrace the character of John McCain who admitted to several affairs after his Hanoi Hilton woes, leaving his wife (that he stole from a classmate) for a younger richer woman, we turn our back on Presidents Franklin, Cleveland, Harding, Eisenhower, Rooselvelt and Kennedy to dog Edwards and Tiger Woods. We are truly becoming a nation of hypocrites!

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