Kid Rock’s Teabagger Nightmare: Healthcare, a Prius and a Condo

February 24, 2010

(ChattahBox)—Fox News’ Megyn Kelly needed a guest to come on her show last week to weight in on a recent CBS poll showing that Americans want a smaller government with less services. And who better than to offer their expert advice on the merits of hillbilly government than Southern Rock star and millionaire Robert James Ritchie, better known as Kid Rock. The Michigan resident waxed nostalgic about “cool stuff” that Detroit automakers used to make, such as “57 Chevys,” and “everyone one of them red, white and blue.” Kid Rock then describes a truly frightening and apocalyptic European future for America, when all Americans will be covered by universal healthcare, live in condos and drive environmentally friendly smart cars. Perish the thought!

When Kid Rock first appeared on Fox News’ “America Live” with Megyn Kelly, he wondered aloud why he was chosen to talk about “America’s preference for small government.” “I have no idea why I’m here,” laughed Rock. And later in the interview he acknowledged, “I’m not that educated in the field of political science.”

But the popular Southern Rock and Country Music performer, had plenty to say about his version of the vanishing “American Dream” that seemed to have come straight out of a Ford truck commercial:

“Detroit has so much style — the cars we built,” he said. “Not only the cars but the tanks and airplanes we built during the war. Such ingenuity. Cool stuff, ’57 Chevys. It came in 17 colors, everyone one of them red, white and blue. But now … it just reminds me of Europe. Everyone’s going to be driving a smart car and living in a condo. And that’s not the American Dream, and you see that starting to die.”

Kid Rock then described his American nightmare that members of the teabagger movement can surely relate too:

“I have nightmares that I’m going to wake up and everyone’s driving a Prius and living in a condo and we’re all getting health insurance,” said Kid Rock.

The comments from the MLive article are almost as amusing as Kid Rock’s remarks. My personal favorite is from commenter repubsrdumb:

“Kid Rock is right! We don’t want no condos! Give me a double-wide or give me death!”

And a close second comes courtesy of george2k10:

“OMG! That’s right out of Dante’s Inferno! How could anyone possibly survive under those horrendous conditions! Imagine — driving a Prius, living in a Condo and having health insurance!” HELL on Earth, that is. (My God, What a moron).”

Watch it:

Source: MLive


One Response to “Kid Rock’s Teabagger Nightmare: Healthcare, a Prius and a Condo”

  1. MR. TEA BAGGER on March 22nd, 2010 3:41 am



    Obviously there has been a HUGE mistake…..

    Palin’s Dribble, Weasel Wording, Mush-Mush, Asssss-Backwards speak Cleary demonstrates who carries the Down Syndrome trait in her family, because of this we (the democrats) will allow you to send her back to Wacky-silla without prejudice and select another candidate.

    For this consideration the Republicans agree to sell Alaska to Russia (with Palin) and never mention the State of Alaska or her again.

    P.S. Why does Palin repeat herself in the same sentence and add extra words that don’t belong!! Reading a Quote from her makes me feel like I am in the advanced stages of dyslexia. Does Anyone else have a problem with this? Is there anyone out there from the North Slope who speaks Wacky-silla?

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