Steven Seagal Sued By Former Assistant For Sexual Assault

April 14, 2010

(ChattahBox) – Steven Seagal has been sued by his former assistant for sexual assault, after she says the actor brutally attacked her, and used her as a sex toy.

The lawsuit, which was filed with intensely graphic details, claims that Kayden Nguyen went to work for Steven Seagal as his executive assistant.

She says that she applied to the job via a CraigsList posting, interviewed, and was eventually hired.

But she says that on the plane trip there Seagal turned to her and claimed he was “a family man” but his wife “wouldn’t mind if they were lovers”.

She then said he asked her for a massage on the first night and fondled her, and then when she reacted by being frightened he told her to relax, and that nothing “special” would occur until the next night.

She says she was then brutally assaulted the next night, and fled by the third, fearing for her life.

She also claims that he tried to keep her from going on what she said was a trip to see her family, going so far as to come out with a gun and flashlight to intimidate her before she left, leaving all of her possessions behind in an attempt to get away.

According to Nguyen, Seagal and his party refuse to return her things as she didn’t sign a release stating she wouldn’t sure for sexual assault, and that Seagal has two other personal sex slaves at his home to pleasure him at any time.

She has also stated that the actor has a “strange physiological reaction to arousal”, which she is prepared to testify to as proof of the encounters.

Seagal’s lawyer has said that the claims are ludicrous, and that the former model is a drug user who was let go when narcotics were fund on her person.

They have also pointed to an episode of Tyra Banks, where Nguyen was a guest. On the show, she described herself as a lipstick lesbian who can use her looks to get any woman she wants, and trick men into giving her whatever she would like.



11 Responses to “Steven Seagal Sued By Former Assistant For Sexual Assault”

  1. RY-RY on April 14th, 2010 1:17 pm

    This is becoming really rediculous . I of course feel for the who has actually been assaulted , but lately we have seen the opposite . Many women have been using this claim for monatary gain , such as money and publicity .

    Look at the Duke LaCrosse Case . Woman is now in jail for attempted murder . Not to mention cooperation with an evil state attorney to destroy a bunch of kids lives , and rob a well respected school of reputation , and money . Just needs to stop already .

  2. brian on April 14th, 2010 1:53 pm

    This lady is a opportunist. Steven Segal is a fine American, serving the citizens and risking his life on a daily basis.

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  4. jesse on April 14th, 2010 3:15 pm

    this is not the first time this has taken place with Segal, a assitant back in the 90’s said he raped her in a walk in closet, he also had a baby with another household worker when he was married to one of his many wifes, Segal’s background with women is less then steller, that along with his tales of being a CIA operative, fights to the death and anything to make himself into a action hero he pretends to be, has anyone noticed on his show Lawman, all he does is ride around in a police car and talk, and when action does take place he always the last to arrive, then act like he is in control, I worked in law enforcement for 20 years, a cop like that would be fired, if he was a real cop, the most amazing thing is that his wig never falls off during the show, does his make man get combat pay??? Some asking why the woman did not go to the police and press charges, the local police let Segal get away with playing cop, they would protect their extra meal ticket.

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  8. JVM Fan on April 15th, 2010 1:00 pm

    Let me guess–he will be headed to sex rehab this weekend. Geeeeezzz. I know JVM on “Issues” will be be covering this story tonight. I hope she exposes him for who he is.

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  11. Unisif on September 30th, 2010 5:38 pm

    great news……..Steven Segal is mentally retarded person…..he should visit a rehab as soon as possible….


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