Newest Alleged Polanski Rape Victim Comes Forward With Her Story

May 17, 2010

(ChattahBox) – The 46-year-old actress that claims Roman Polanski raped with when she was 16 has come forward in a press conference to tell the world what she says he did to her, how it has affected her life, and why she has chosen to come out with the story now.

Charlotte Lewis was 16-years-old when she starred in the 1986 Polanski movie ‘Pirates’.

According to Lewis, she had gone with a friend to Paris for the auditions in the hopes of becoming an actress, after a few months as a model.

“We had checked into a hotel which was pretty central and very reasonable but when we told Roman where we were staying he said the hotel was not good enough and invited us to stay in his spare penthouse on the Avenue Montaigne, which seemed like a great offer,” the former actress recalled.

“The very first thing he asked me was, ‘How old are you?’ I told him I was 16, but only just. This was in September and I had turned 16 that August.”

She claims it was during this time, just before screen tests, that Polanski told her she had to have sex with him or she would never get the part.

“We were drinking Moet and Chandon, I’ll never forget that, and I still can’t drink that champagne to this day. He told me he wanted me to stay the night with him and then he made a pass at me. He tried to kiss me and touch my breasts. I pulled away and told him that I had a boyfriend, which wasn’t true. It was an excuse, but he didn’t care.

“He just said very coldly, ‘If you’re not a big enough girl to have sex with me, you’re not big enough to do the screen test. I must sleep with every actress that I work with, that’s how I get to know them, how I mould them.’ I was shocked and got very upset and started to cry. I said I didn’t want to sleep with him, he was 50 and I found him disgusting.”

She then admits that, fearing she had given up the chance for the part, and so to make enough money to support herself and her single mother, she went back to his apartment. She claims there were two instances of physical contact.

“I never told my mother what had happened. I was just too ashamed. I needed to do this movie, the money was good – I was being paid £1,200 a month. My mother and I were living in housing association accommodation and this was a life-changing amount of money.”

But, according to her, the rape was not the first abuse she suffered at the hands of Polanski.

“Polanski tried to dominate me right from the start. He swore at me and shouted at me. There was such pressure on me that I became a nervous wreck. The mental abuse started as soon as I started filming. I always felt that as soon as I started the movie he wanted to fire me. I developed a serious eating disorder. He would play mind games with me and tell me I was too fat and then too thin. I developed bulimia and lost so much weight I passed out five times during filming.

“I had turned 17 and Roman had been told by the producer Tarak Ben Ammar and MGM to stay away from me. I was very alone. They wouldn’t allow me to have an agent. Roman continued to emotionally bully me and would joke to other people onset that I was frigid.

“I remember he made a bet once with a very famous American male actor that there was no way he could get me into bed because I was so cold and frigid. The producer flew my mother out to Tunisia [the location of ‘Pirates’] and I remember her hating Polanski. She said he had dead eyes.”

As for why she has come forward now, she says that she wants to see him pay for what he did to her, and is believed to have done to the 13-year-old girl he fled the country to avoid trial for.

“I will never forgive Polanski. I’ll never know if my life would have been different had this not happened. There needs to be some justice. I’m telling the truth and Roman knows I’m telling the truth.”

According to The Daily Mail, Roman Polanksi refused to comment on the interview, which was given unpaid.



3 Responses to “Newest Alleged Polanski Rape Victim Comes Forward With Her Story”

  1. Lin McKay on May 17th, 2010 12:21 pm

    I believe everything Lewis has stated but her credibility gets questioned when it comes out she is represented by Gloria Allred. That is a RED flag. I hope the representation does not put a negative light on Lewis’ statements and adds more credence to Polanski’s guilty plea here more than 30-years ago. The Swiss must send him back to U.S. soil to stand trial.

  2. melvin polatnick on May 19th, 2010 8:57 pm

    Polanski, Woody Allen, Al Goldstein, Hugh Hefner and many others had one thing in common, they were all cynics who thumbed their noses at conventional lifestyles and got away with it. The most beautiful women of the world begged to share their bedrooms for even a moment. Their hedonistic lifestyle provoked jealousy in those that follow the rules and are forced to make love to a loser. Now its payback time and the family man is getting his revenge. They are overjoyed that Polanski got caught either fondling or raping a 13 year old sleepover. Most want him tarred and feathered, others wish to trade places and make love to the women in his Swiss villa.

  3. olivia on May 20th, 2010 11:05 am

    Melvin – Or, maybe he just rapes young girls, fled the country to keep from going to prison for raping those girls, and it has finally caught up with him. You know, you can turn it into a matter of jealousy all you want. But that doesn’t stop the fact that there is evidence that he raped a 13-year-old, then fled the country like a coward to avoid facing the consequences.

    Your argument is more than a little ridiculous.

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