Gisele Bundchen Apparently An Expert On How To Raise YOUR Kids

August 3, 2010

Photo credit: Tiago Chediak via Wikimedia Commons

(ChattahBox) – You have pediatricians, your mother, your own instinct and nature…all of these are there to help you to raise a healthy baby. But model Gisele Bundchen, a mother of seven months, would like you to know she knows better.

Alright, I will admit it, I get a little pissy with women who make sweeping, generalized statements about how to best raise someone else’s kids. In fact, it damn near makes me rage, and I will never understand the impulse of those people to tell the world, after a few months with a baby and no official education on the matter, how raising a baby should go.

Gisele Bundchen is a good mother, I am sure. I am not saying she isn’t. But he latest rant about how there should be an “international law” forcing women to breast feed for six months or face the consequences is flicking my mama-nerve.

“I think breastfeeding really helped. Some people here think they don’t have to breastfeed, and I think, “Are you going to give chemical food to your child, when they are so little?” she told the Daily Mail.

“There should be a worldwide law, in my opinion, that mothers should breastfeed their babies for six months”

Oh, how very insightful! Because it is just pure laziness that keeps some women from breastfeeding, I am sure. We are all just filling our babies up with chemical poison…poison!

Here is why this issue annoys me:
I have two children, ages 4 and 1 1/2, both girls. I have been given so many dirty looks for pulling out portable packets of baby formula, I can’t even count. In fact, I remember in the waiting room of my kid’s doctor one morning, bottle feeding my youngest and having a woman actually tell her husband that people like me made her sick. I wanted to walk across the room and slap her.

When my first daughter was born, I lost my breast milk within two weeks, despite pumping, extra nutrients, eating, and intervention by doctors. Even before then, I had to pump and bottle feed, as she refused to take my breast, no matter how hard I tried. Since she ended up being born with a slight abnormality in her blood sugar, her first feeding was a bottle, which might have something to do with that.

My second daughter was born with much more serious problems. Complications with my pregnancy led to a planned C-Section at 39 weeks, as my blood pressure skyrocketed and they feared for both mine, and my babies health. I had a similar problem with my first daughter, who ended as an emergency C-Section as well.

Though she was full term, and a week from my due date, my baby was born with premature lung disease, something the doctors claim happen from time to time. She spent two weeks in the NICU an hour away from my home, where I had to drive up and down every night.

I pumped my breast milk every few hours, waking up to an alarm to keep my regular to feedings at night, were she there. I also suffered severe depression, making it a nightmare just to eat. Despite my best efforts, and my taking my breast milk with me every night and breast feeding while I was there, I lost my milk by the time she was brought home.

Where would the law Ms. Bundchen proposes fit into the millions of women like me? But I am sure she knows best…after all, she has been a mother for a bit over half a year, so she must be an expert.


2 Responses to “Gisele Bundchen Apparently An Expert On How To Raise YOUR Kids”

  1. Old Man Dotes on August 3rd, 2010 1:28 pm

    Someone should give “chemical food” (aka tranquilizers) to these loud-mouthed brainless clothes racks.

    You’re a freaking MODEL, Gisele. You are not a doctor, a psychologist, a nutritionist, nor even a chemist. You’re too freaking STUPID to be entitled to an opnion on how I should raise my kids (whcih is moot, since they are raising their own kids now, but still…)

    I am sure you are a model parent. And remember: A model is “a small imitation of the real thing.”

    Now shut up and strut up the runway, there’s a nice anorexic.

  2. Alyssa on August 4th, 2010 2:49 pm

    This personally upsets me a lot. When i had my son i felt that breastfeeding was very important. Unfortunately, my body disagreed with me. I did not produce enough milk for my son and was forced to use formula. It was really hard for me to deal with. It made me feel like i failed at being a mother. So thanks, Gisele.

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