Former Governor Eliot Spitzer On New Political Debate Show…Yawn

October 5, 2010

U.S. (ChattahBox Entertainment Reviews) – Eliot Spitzer, the liberal governor who became national news when he was busted visiting hookers, has become so so-anchor of a political debate show that will pit him against conservative Kathleen Parker.

The overdone concept puts two people who CNN hopes can bring in some viewers but have no chemistry into seats where they will expound on opinions no one cares about. This is, of course, a personal and biased opinion, but I don’t seem to  be the only one who shares it.

Dan Kennedy of the Guardian has pretty harsh words for Parker Spitzer, saying that is was proof that CNN was pretty much “lost”.

“The segments between commercials were over in a flash, hurtling by so quickly that the guests barely had a chance to get in a few words. Yet, taken as a whole, Parker Spitzer felt like it was never going to end.”
Both hosts seemed uncomfortable and the guests were impressive but not really heard. The “debates” were boring and went nowhere, and you get the impression that the network is grasping at straws.
The truth is, shows like this are pointless. They are an attempt to draw advertising profits and ratings, but there is never anything of substance presented. Keith Olbermann, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, and the now-late Rick Sanchez are all examples of the talking-head rhetoric that has somehow become accepted as news.
Think of it this way: we are a news blog here at ChattahBox. We do offer facts, and we keep up with various niches, from technology to politics. We even manage to keep ahead of the mainstream media on some stories.
But we are not a media source, we are a Left-leaning blog. We don’t try to hide this, nor do we apologize for it. We write with our opinions and political, religious and social views in mind.
There is nothing wrong with this, but there is something wrong with people choosing to get all facts from our writers. We aren’t going to provide a balanced look at an issue, because that isn’t that we are here for. We have already made up our minds and we are writing with the intent to argue that view.
Media figures like those above are the same; they don’t provide news, and people who go to them for an actual look at anything going on in the country are complete idiots. You think that Glenn Beck shouting from a blackboard about Socialism is news? No, it is a shrieking, red-faced slogan machine who is making a lot of money out of your paranoid following of his completely baseless threats.
But at least he and others are entertaining, if for the wrong reasons. Eliot Spitzer and Kathleen Parker are about as entertaining as watching your divorced parents trying to get through a civil birthday dinner.


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