Stewart Mocks ‘Glenn Beck the Manchurian Lunatic’ (Video)

November 19, 2010

(ChattahBox Political News)— Leave it to Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart to shine a comedic bright light on the conspiratorial insanity of Fox News’ Glenn Beck. This past week, Beck has taken a breather from his Nazis and race-baiting anti-Obama conspiratorial chalkboard theories to engage in blatant anti-Semitism in his attacks on progressive billionaire George Soros. Beck’s smears and attacks against Soros boiled down to kooky claims that the Jewish “puppet master” plans to destroy America with a shadow government, or something. And to further illustrate his bizarre conspiracy theory, for the benefit of his somnolent tea party viewers, Beck used actual puppets. Last night, Jon Stewart turned the tables on Beck, by concluding that Beck is a “Manchurian Lunatic,” who in reality, is George Soros’ puppet and a “fifth column Trojan horse subversive sent to destroy Rupert Murdoch’s empire…” And yes, Stewart had his own puppets.

Stewart began his hilarious segment by commenting on Fox News President Roger Ailes’ incendiary rhetoric attacking National Public Radio, spewed to Howard Kurtz of the Daily Beast, during an interview. “They are, of course, Nazis,” said Ailes. According to Ailes, the crew at NPR are not just your basic, run of the mill Nazis, but something he calls Leftist Nazis. “They have a kind of Nazi attitude. They are the left wing of Nazism,” added Ailes.

Ailes later regretted his Nazi rhetoric, saying he should have attacked NPR as a bunch of bigots instead.

In response to that insanity, Stewart remarked that the Fox News President is actually more dangerously crazy than his network.

“But the biggest takeaway I got from the interview with Mr Ailes, is Fox News, as out there as it may be, is the neutered version of Mr. Ailes’ true self. And perhaps Glenn Beck is the closest of his ideological brethren there,” said Stewart.

Stewart then donned his Glenn Beck glasses and proceeded to mock Beck’s insane obsession with George Soros.

“We have been led in this country to believe Glenn Beck is a patriot working with a kindly foreign born billionaire with a media empire, and a stated political ideology named Rupert Murdoch. When in fact, Glenn Beck is a fifth column Trojan horse subversive sent to destroy Rupert Murdoch’s empire by his real master, the elderly foreign born billionaire with a media empire and a stated political ideology by the name, George Soros.”

After showing old clips of Beck admitting to having had surgery on his “ass.” Stewart created an accompanying conspiracy theory.

“Ass surgery—to remove a fissure? Hemorrhoid? Or perhaps, to insert the powerful right forearm of a Hungarian dictator.”

Stewart then uses Beck’s signature attack of “I’m not accusing, just asking.”

“I’m not saying Glenn Beck is a saboteur sent to destroy Fox News. I’m merely asking some questions abut why he is destroying Fox News and doing George Soros’ work for him. And if it’s not Soros’ hand, whose hand is it? Because everything I said tonight is fact.”

Watch it:

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