Palin/Gosselin 2012? You Know, You Never Know!

December 16, 2010

(ChattahBox Op/Ed) – I don’t laugh at loud very often, but this one was a real screamer for me.  Scanning headlines yesterday I saw one for Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin of TLC’s Kate Plus 8 Fame (formerly John and Kate Plus 8).  The story was about Kate being a guest on Sarah Palin’s on TLC’s reality TV show Sarah Palin’s Alaska, well Kate and her 8 that is.

What I found funny about it is that both of these women have made a literal fortune as a result of media deals, and both seem about as bright as a ten watt light bulb, combined!  I don’t watch either show and don’t plan to start now.  In my life as a Media Trainer I have studied the oddity of Kate Gosselin and have followed her as she has made news and been a guest on other programs like the Today Show or Good Morning America.  I have seen enough of her to realize that she is not a happy persona and I get the distinct impression she hates being a mother, especially a single mother.

Sarah Palin is her own three ring circus.  Beyond the fact she is cute, not pretty, but cute, I see what her eye appeal would be and I have documented on this site some of the many issues I have with a “leader” who spends more time dividing and hating than in promoting a political agenda that could provide relief and solutions.

The two have one thing in common, the media loves them, for different reasons, but they do love them.  And it got me to wondering, and laughing, what did the two talk about when the cameras were off?  I’m sure they compared notes on how unfairly they are represented by the media.  How they are misunderstood and that the purity of what they have to deal with is seen as something bad, I mean, how could it, right?   They both have an irritating style about them.  They are both angry and love to poke fun at whatever is their pet topic of the day.  They both have lied in plain sight, and lastly, they both keep begging to be in the spotlight because their addiction to cameras is far more important to either of them then doing the right thing.

I would imagine they worked themselves into a tizzy talking about how well intentioned they are and how much they have sacrificed for their goals, whatever they may be.  I imagine part of the conversation was about parenthood and the challenged therein and I cannot imagine who was giving the advice or who was taking it.

If they talked politics, well, they didn’t, never mind.

But it also got me to thinking maybe we’ll see a Palin/Gosselin 2012 ticket for the Republican Party.  Gosselin is reminiscent of a female Dick Cheney.  Gruff, abrasive, delusional, power hungry and abrasive.  Palin comes off as a George W. Bush in drag, in many ways.  Like the former Prez, she talks like she knows what she is saying and with conviction and people actually believe her because she sounds like she knows what she is saying, although she clearly doesn’t most of the time, and neither did he.  I mean stranger things have happened in politics, OK, maybe not, but Palin has clearly been willing to break old molds and to leap frog the process as she clearly has not nearly enough experience to be the President and she couldn’t even finish one term as Governor of Alaska for whatever reason she gave and I forget and don’t want to waste my time looking it up because it doesn’t matter.

Palin quit to make money.  Gosselin sold out her family values, or the lack thereof, to make money.  They have that in common.  They have both made large amounts of cash and their Republican platform would be in concert with their goal of keeping more of their media money and have no demonstrable interest in helping others.

The both have a connection to Dancing With the Stars and they both make concerted efforts to be away from their children as much as they possibly can.  What do you think, a political match made in heaven?

I have no love for either person and although the reasons are different my disgust for them is the same.  They are the train wreck most people have to watch.  They are both so good at being bad that it’s really more a matter of what will they do next.  It’s no surprise television producers paired them for Palin’s show.  Those that love them both will adore this show and those that hate them both will adore the show.

Palin/Gosselin 2012…can you feel it?

Tony Trupiano is a former national syndicated progressive radio talk show host, author, and a former candidate for Congress. He is also a nationally recognized media trainer.  He can be reached at and can read his Blog at


3 Responses to “Palin/Gosselin 2012? You Know, You Never Know!”

  1. lukebandit on December 16th, 2010 2:54 pm

    The difference in Palin and Gosselins mothering is that kate leaves her kids with numerous one teenage babysitter after another. She refuses to give Jon more time with the kids when she is gone and instructs the babysitter to not talk or call Jon only call her. Sarah may be on the road, but she has numerous beloved FAMILY members taking care of the kids while she is not there. kate has banished all family contact on her side and Jon’s side. Can you imagine not being able to grow up without any aunts, uncles, cousins and friends? Even the lady that came over and helped (volunteered) was riding a horse at the kids birthday and kate was making fun of her behind her back. It is on the original DVD that was sold, because TLC went back and edited a TON of things to show kate in a better light. The original uncut DVD’s that were sold will be collector’s items and in high demand for psychology students who are working on their Doctorate Thesis.

  2. Old Man Dotes on December 16th, 2010 3:08 pm

    Well, they’re both too stupid to do any useful work, so putting them together amounts to about a half-wit.

  3. lovecraft on December 16th, 2010 3:23 pm

    Wow, I can feel the hate coming off this post. I don’t like the idea of Ms. Palin being in the White House any more than you do, but at least I’m not underestimating her, which is exactly what you’re doing. And that’s why she’ll win – because she can point to “leftist media elitists” who tear her down at any opportunity without any actual criticism, which will play great with the 90% of the population who don’t consider themselves to be leftist media elitists.

    So, when she takes power in 2012 or 2016, you can only blame yourself and your fellow hate-mongers. Good luck with that.

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