Acne Series: Tea Tree Oil

February 5, 2009

People have been putting damaging chemicals on their faces for years to try and take care of acne, especially as we reach into adulthood and find that the products that worked for us as teens only makes things worst now. That it why many are starting to turn to natural treatments, and while many skin care lines now incorporate 100% organic materials, there is one that seems to be used in them all: Tea Tree Oil.

But does this treatment really work? How can you be sure quality oil is being used in the products that feature it? The truth is, there is no way for sure to know what it is you are putting on your face, as often hidden ingredients, percentages, and mixtures can be hidden in the so called ‘natural’ items on the market. That is why, in the case of Tea Tree Oil, a lot of people are using the oil itself, and not a topical item from a store to treat their acne.

The problem with this is that often people don’t know how to use this resource. While it is incredibly effective with getting rid of acne, using pure oil on your skin is never a good idea, and you can do a great deal of damage to your skin, if you are not careful. The proper way to use this oil is to dilute it in another base, such as grape seed, or sweet almond oil, or in water for a tonic. Failing to do so can severely dry out the skin, and even change the tone, sometimes permanently with repeated use.

Try using a two or three drops of Tea Tree, per 2 tablespoons of a base oil. If you have naturally oily skin, replace that with water. Test this for a time, to make sure it does not cause drying, before trying to increase the amount. It should work well to reduce the size of blemishes on the face and body, and help to keep pimples from forming on the face.


2 Responses to “Acne Series: Tea Tree Oil”

  1. Evelyn on February 6th, 2009 9:52 am

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  2. Shannon McD. on March 12th, 2009 11:04 pm

    I totally agree with using tea tree oil for treating acne. I’ve tried everything-even proactive. Now I wash my face twice a day with Clean N Clear Morning Burst fash wash and then dab the 100% oil to my acne spots-which is around my mouth and forehead. They have cleared up amazingly. I never knew I was suppose to dilute it however. I have naturally oily skin as it is. I’ve used it twice a day for almost 3 weeks and I’ve not seen irratation or seen it get worse. My acne is dried up however, but as for my face-nope! I highly recommend this!

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