Is The Best President We Have Ever Had Being Wasted?

October 18, 2010

(ChattahBox Op/Ed) – I’m pissed off.  I’m just absolutely amazed at the hate and vitriol that is filling not only this site but so many other websites.  I read nothing but lies and slanted truths.  I read articles and Op/Ed’s that are designed to find the underbelly of people’s ire and rub it raw, all for the goal of persuading you to feel a certain way so that come election day one side will win, no matter what the cost, and the cost is high.

What is at stake on November 2, 2010 is not just about leadership.  It’s also not just about philosophy or ideology.  It’s not just about winning and losing.  That’s too convenient.  What it is about is disturbing and detrimental to our future and unless you start to think more rationally and without the bias of your political filter society as we know it will be DOA on November 3, 2010.

President Obama said it perfectly over the weekend.  Stop listening to lies and start paying attention to what is happening.  Look at what we are accomplishing not what others are trying to stop from happening.  In 2008 there was a clear mandate that the American electorate wanted change.  They wanted change in partisanship and they wanted change in the way government was administered.  Obama made promises and he did it up front and honestly, and the majority of America wanted what he was selling.

He told us BEFORE he was elected that he would make reforming health care his number one priority.  He told us up front that he would eliminate Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  He told us up front that he would put restrictive regulations on banks and credit card companies.  He told us that he would be the architect of a Stimulus Package to move the country forward economically and you voted overwhelmingly in favor of those promises.

He told us all of this up front, before the election and before any one of us went to vote in 2008 and then he had the audacity to actually do what he said he was going to do. He kept his promises.   Go freaking figure.

And he has been rewarded how?  The Republican Party has sabotaged his every move.  They are like rabid dogs, drooling and foaming at the mouth as they tear this guy up.  The extremist wing of the Republican Party (the Tea Party) hated their own party so much they branched off and created deepening fissures that have not been productive in any conceivable way.  Hate and fear have become such a daily occurrence it makes you wonder how Obama has accomplished anything in the past two years, but the point needs to be made that he has.

The American people wanted change; voted for change and got the change they wanted, but the Republican Party said to the American people, “sorry, we don’t agree”.  The Republicans then set themselves on a course to ruin the American way of life.  What the Republican Party has done out loud and in plain sight is take our lives hostage and they have refused to allow progress because they quickly saw that we had elected a leader who would actually lead.  In Obama we found a leader that was willing to do what he promised, save one issue that I will get to in just a bit.

President Barack Obama has been better for the American people than any president in recent times, but the Republican noisemaking machine has been too loud and their willingness to whore out what we voted for in 2008 should enrage you, but it doesn’t for some unknown reason.

The one promise Obama has not been able to keep is the promise that he would put an end to partisanship.  That will never happen and it never was going to happen so let’s get over that right now, but I want to point out that within six months of being elected, Obama met with the Republican Caucus and stood before them and answered every question they had, every single one.  It was totally unscripted and was a sincere effort to build a bridge of communication.  Although that even was successful, what the Republican’s learned that day was serious.  Obama was so good at being president that if they allowed him to be him they were in serious trouble.

They did what children have always done:  they started name calling.  Look it up, it’s all true.

President Obama is perhaps the most open and honest president of modern times, if not of all time.  He had the courage to speak the truth, to do what he promised he would do, to lead in spite of the opposition party.  That takes bravery.

So here we are, a few weeks out of an election that is convoluted with lies and mistruths that the America that wanted Obama, and they really did want him, are so confused because of lies and  poor Republican leadership that they have been ignorantly lead into confusion once more.

I’ll remind you one more time.  Obama is doing what he promised he would do during the campaign of 2008.  He has done it out in the open and has made every effort to be as inclusive as possible, and he was rewarded by a Republican Party so scared, so threatened, so hard up that they relied on politics as usual and you, the stupid American people let them get away with it.

If you want to complain about what is happening in this country you have only yourself to blame.  The reason we are stuck in the mud is mostly because you allowed the Republican Party to drag you backward and you did it willingly.

Yeah, I’m pissed off today because if we would let Obama lead and elect a Congress that is willing to debate instead of obstruct, we would be a better America today, but apparently too many of you like the view from the bottom, and if the predictions about what will happen on November 2, 2010 are correct, the view is about to get worse and you will have only yourself to blame.

Tony Trupiano is a former national syndicated progressive radio talk show host, author, and a former candidate for Congress. He is also a nationally recognized media trainer.  He can be reached at


2 Responses to “Is The Best President We Have Ever Had Being Wasted?”

  1. majii on October 18th, 2010 3:48 pm

    Many on the right aren’t interested in doing much to help the average citizen. The tea party groups are all about seeking revenge against America for rejecting them in 2006 and 2008 at the ballot box. None of them have offered any viable solution(s) to any problem(s) we are dealing with.

    They have invested a huge amount of time in portraying President Obama as “dangerous,” “out of touch with regular Americans,” “wanting the government to takeover the economy/healthcare,” “a Muslim,” “a terrorist”, “anti-capitalist,” “a Marxist”, “a socialist,” “a communist,” “Hitler in disguise,” etc., none of these descriptions are true. Many of their supporters have no idea that much of what the president has done and/or wants to accomplish were at one time embraced by the GOP. Reagan raised taxes, Reagan wanted a national healthcare system, Romney’s healthcare plan for MA has a mandate, Senator Isakson (R-GA) wrote a law allowing patients to make end of life decisions, George W. Bush wanted to work on immigration reform, Senator Lisa Murkowski supported climate change legislation, etc., but none of the republicans will own up to these things now. The GOP and their corporate cronies are doing a number on their supporters and are spending millions of dollars to make them believe something about President Obama that bears no resemblance to reality.

    I’ve never seen a group of individuals as gullible as those who will vote for republicans who caused the problems we’re dealing with in the first place. As much as the republicans try to distance themselves from the atrocious policies of GWB, there are many of us who know and remember the source of our problems. Whatever the republican supporters think the GOP can deliver to them should they become the majority party in Congress after November 2, I would advise them not to hold their breaths waiting on it. If they didn’t get it for the 8 years that GWB was in the WH, there’s no need to expect the party to deliver on its promises at this point. Screaming about tax cuts and deregulation as the solutions to economic recovery when they have been proven ineffective makes anyone who continues to buy into this BS extremely delusional.

    s one who lived the first 18 years of my life under segregation, I know that the real problem the GOP has with President Obama is with their belief that an African American is not the correct symbol for the most powerful nation on Planet Earth. Of course, they’ll deny this as they’ve been doing since January 20, 2009 at 12 Noon, but it carries no weight with me because I’ve watched them play every race card in their playbook over the past 20 months and then project the blame for a divided America onto a president who doesn’t even discuss race unless he’s asked a specific question by a member of the MSM. This began as a hatchet job and has remained a hatchet job intended to teach an enduring lesson that no African American, atheist, gay, lesbian, Hispanic, etc., can ever be as successful as POTUS as some white men have been.

  2. majii on October 18th, 2010 3:50 pm

    ***As one who***

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