Tea Party goes silent

October 27, 2010

(ChattahBox Op/Ed) – There used to be a time when politicians did anything they could to get in front of a camera or in the newspaper. That was before this year’s crop of  extremist right wingers infiltrated the Republicorp Party. The age old adage “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” is no more. The latest offerings from the right are so dangerous they know they can not be elected if the public actually were to hear what they really had to say. So weeks before the election they began to clam up like a Soprano before a grand jury.

By now you know most of the names, Joe Miller in Alaska, Sharon Angle in Nevada, Rand Paul in Kentucky, Christine O’Donnell and relative new comer to this bouillabaisse of crazy John Raese of West Virginia. What do the all have in common? Each has at one time or another  announced that they won’t be talking to the press or have just ignored the press. Each are running as Republicorpians. Each has expressed support for the Tea Party movement (more about that in a moment). And finally in a sane America, none of these candidates would be allowed to cross the street by themselves. OK, that was a little joke, but do you get my point?

But seriously, how extreme do you have to be as a politician that you will not talk to the press? What does that say about them? A wing nut supporter will defend them by saying the “mainstream media” is out to get them. This of course is absurd for two reasons. The media will only report what they discover and what the candidate says. Obviously they don’t want the public to hear what they have to say because sadly, if the public actually hears them, they will lose votes. The second absurdity is their definition of “mainstream media”. With a viewership which trounces all other cable news networks, Fox News can’t get any more “mainstream”!

It’s time folks. It’s time we quit kidding ourselves and admit what we’ve known all along. There is no Tea Party. There is no Tea Party and there never was. The right wing whackadoodles who have taken over the Republicorp Party are the same whackadoodles who have been there all along. True, they are definitely energized and are making a lot of noise but they aren’t new. It’s not as if they appeared suddenly and out of nowhere. These are not new voters. They are and have always been Republican, now they have been rebranded as Republicorpians (I like it. It suites them).

Every so often a radical group seizes the GOP. In 2002 it was fundamental Christians who rode the George W crazy train all the way to Washington. This year it’s a whole new train rolling into town.

And another thing. The fact that they hijacked the name ‘Tea Party” is insulting to the patriots who risked their lives in 1773. The only thing these two groups have in common is that neither had/have any knowledge of the constitution.  The constitution wouldn’t be written for another fifteen years, so the original Patriots would not have seen it. Unfortunately for the modern day Tea Party follower, the constitution wasn’t written in crayon so sadly they too haven’t actually read it.

So there you have it. The Republicorpians love their crazy just like their stupid (link to an article I wrote about their love affair with stupid). This time the crazy has a new name and a new brand. I’ m done with calling them by the silly term Tea Party. From now on I’m referring to them as the base of the Republicorpian Party.

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